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Having less is having more.  When I'm older and move out and have my own place, I want everything to be simple.  Not just meaning black and white decor.  But I actually want to have as few things as possible.  I think that helps keep a straight mindset towards your goal.  It gives you the ideal so start from scratch and work your way to the top.

If you look at life with this perspective, things can be taken more seriously.  You can think in a humble attitude.  You can see what is really important and who is important.
But who IS important?
Important people in your life is anyone who you yourself feels connected to and is bringing positivity to your life.  Someone once told me that if the person is just giving you negative feelings, they're not worth the trouble.  And it can be hard but sometimes you need to shove someone out of your life but if something isn't working out, you have to accept the fact you can still be friends or whatever, but not the way you used to be.  Because sometimes we can only help one another grow so much and maybe its time to move on.  There is only so many people who you can stick with your whole life.  Maybe you have helped that person in every way possible and you both need to start fresh.

The first step to starting fresh is picking out what you do and do not need.  Material things, inner thoughts, etc.  it could be an old shirt you've been holding on to.  or a person, a thought, a grudge held against someone.  Whatever it is, if its not bringing you happiness and helping you towards your goal, get rid of it.  Sometimes not entirely but maybe turn your feelings towards it down a notch.  maybe all you need to do is clean your room to feel fresh.  Or maybe you have a whole bunch of junk stored up in your life.

Sometimes i think "why do teenagers my age have to deal with this stuff mentally, emotionally and psychically, when we should have to go through this 'putting things away' as adults...?"
Maybe we are the people who need to learn that now.  Maybe we will be the people who will be able to make it through the rest of our life mostly fresh and clean since we have this experience now.

I believe in minimalism, simplicity, individuality and true freedom.
Don't change for anyone!  Unless you feel like you're doing something wrong, then change but its up to you who you want to be.  But something some people misunderstand is that God gave us who we are.  our nationality, our gender, our personality, etc.  You can't change those things and if you long for a change of something like that (who you are in general, not detail) that can not be changed most times.  And if it can it may not be the right intention; give it thought.  We have to sometimes accept who we are and work around it to be who we want to be while being who we are MEANT and SUPPOSED to be. Everyone should be respected as a dignified individual, so why not respect yourself first?

I think true freedom is acceptance of yourself and while loving yourself, you can feel free.  And detachment of things that are not helping us. Because most of the time, whats holding you back, is yourself. 




Today is:   #InternetBestFriendDay    
I know alot of people who think idea idea of having a friend online is stupid.  But I also know a few people who don't think so. Even my mom has internet friends!
 Sure some people online are jerks or strange; but like me, if you follow the right people on Pinterest or Twitter, there are a lot of great people out there.
I met my internet bestie back in September and I am SO GLAD she messaged me.
My internet best friend and I had the same interests, issues and we just got along super well! We've helped each other through alot and have had a lot of great laughs.
I haven't met her yet but I know for sure that will be the best day ever!
So thanks to her and social media for one of the best friends ever<3




Ok so lets take a break from posting about One Direction drama.
I sent 10 random questions to my internet best friend and she filled them out.  She has a blog too, and I'm sure she'd love it if you checked it out! StoryxOfxMyxLifex blog. She has her twitter and pinterest users at the end of her posts so you can follow her there too!

  1. reason you like your favorite color: it is dark but calming at the same time
  2. two songs to listen to for eternity: big city dreams by never shout never and see you again by wiz khalifa and charlie puth (interesting choices ahah)
  3. favorite quality in your favorite character from your favorite TV show: he has a pet snail... i really haven't thought this one through, but oh well  
  4. on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you like blowing bubbles: probably 9.5 
  5. if you could have pizza every day of the week, would you?: only if it had stuffed crust 
  6. turn your music to shuffle and skip three songs.  thats your theme song for the week: illusion by one direction (good luck... haha!)
  7. advice for someone feeling down?: do something that you love. listen to music, go outside, watch youtube, do something that'll distract you.
  8. describe yourself in three words: shy, depressed, and youtube and music obsessed (more than three words. haha oh well)
  9. best place you've ever been?: definitely Hawaii... or Chicago... or both 
  10. something you're excited for?: the One Direction concert in july!!  

Thanks so much again for filling those out!

If any of you guys want to be interviewed, comment and I can send you some questions for a post! 



Another 5 years

I'm so sorry, I know there was one of these the other day but I couldn't help but post about this one...


5 years ago today there was a 16 year old boy named Niall Horan. Came from a sweet family in a small town and lived in a tiny house in Ireland. But this boy was special, as much as he liked sports, he liked to sing. He learned guitar at a young age and loved being in the spotlight. He had a great sense of humor and seemed perfect for such a role. 
A while later he found himself in a band. All because of the one day he got up on that stage in front of judges and sang. He gave us his voice and we gave him our hearts from day 1. 
He hasn't changed much, this kid. He's 21 and loves to sing. He plays guitar and has the best of times with his band now. There are many times I can prove why he is such an amazing person in general. 
And if I had to pick one person in the world to meet, it'd be him. Sometimes he is the only reason I (and lots of other people) smile. I think thats because of HIS smile. And if anyone ever doubts that my proof is that I'm here and I'm happy. 
Congratulations Niall. You made it. You took on the world with one short song and you didn't let us down. Not even once. I can't wait to see whats ahead!

Niall on the X factor 2010

 Niall wearing a Wisconsin shirt

 Rehearsing a few months ago

 Their movie premiere right after he got his braces off :')  What a time to be alive...

Before the braces when he was 17 but looked 12

Thanks for bearing with me.  I'm gonna be interviewing someone this week with fun questions for a post so look out for that! 



When you can't think of a post title.

For my birthday last month,  I picked out some things online to get from my parents.  Two of these things were poster collections. So finally yesterday, I got my two poster books each filled with wonderful, 28 double sided photos of my favorite people...

I didn't finish putting all of them up yet,  and quite  a few of these I already owned before yesterday.  As I'm losing space on my portion of my room, I started hanging them on the ceiling which looks pretty cool to be honest.   It was too dark in my room to take a picture with the light off, so there's a glare on two of the posters but otherwise thats it ^^
I also finally got my own copy of 'This is Us', One Direction's movie from 2013.
So theres my added pieces to my collection of 1D and 5SOS products!

Exciting news!  One Direction started writing their fifth album!!!  Believe it or not, I'm kind of excited to hear them without Zayn.  It'll be super interesting but their albums keep getting better and better so I cannot wait for this.
5SOS is still in the studio recording their second album.  They seem really excited to release it!  They've said the lyrics are really great so I'm sure they're doing their best.  And they've worked with a lot of other great bands too, so their sound is bound to be amazing!  Hopefully that comes out in late summer or something :)



One of the Greatest

Hey guys!  So today is just a kind of special day.  Its 5 whole years since Harry Styles auditioned for  the X factor. 
Harry tweeted this today: 
"It's been five years. Thank you for all your support so far. Isn't it lovely. H"
Harrys Audition is here <<< if you've never seen it before.  

I just copied and pasted below something I tweeted by using twitlonger: 


Harry Styles. Was 16 and worked in a bakery. Had great parents and probably a beautiful childhood alongside his older sister. Can you imagine though... what it felt like step on that stage. Clearing your voice on last time and singing just a few lines of a song.
But look Harry, you made it. One of the most well known people on the planet. A beautiful voice and definitely a wonderful rolemodel. Congratulations Harry. In just 5 years, which is a long time when you think about it, you have touched hearts and saved lives, spent time with people who needed it and done great things, achieved and reached your dreams. You have wonderful life experience.
What more could you want in someone to look up to.
Harry Styles. 21 and travels the world with his friends and writes words that save lives and has fun and gets up on stage almost every day of the year, it seems. Has great parents and probably the most beautiful life we may never get to see inside of. But he'll always be a part of our lives, growing up and learning to live life, alongside someone (far away, yes) called Harry Styles.

Harry in 2010 and X Factor

Harry in Africa in 2012

Onstage 2015

Onstage 2011

Concert this year

Harry last summer

From a small stage and judges, to this... 

5 years ago he was reaching across the counter of a bakery and now he's reaching over the stage to the people who put him where he is.

 He gave us a smile, and shares his talents. You can hate him or love him, but Harry Styles (I think at least)  is one of the most amazing people. 


Another exciting week in the fandom

Starting out a normal week, over the days we accumulated more excitement than anything.

One Direction (a few days ago)  had their last show of the first leg of their tour, and now a two month break.  (Thank God)
So, during the break so far, Niall went to Georgia for a golf game and it was pretty wonderful from the pictures.  He was even interviewed and was quite embarrassed\happy at the fact he was caddying for a major golfer.   ... And he was nervous and slipped on pine needles... that was interesting.

Yesterday, Louis got out of his car in his hometown (Doncaster) and met some fans on the side of the road... with no shoes on.  Nevertheless, we got some nice pictures from that.

Switching over to 5SOS, Michael Clifford dyed his hair... again.
Really liking this color, to be honest

Last but not least.  (this is not official yet) but, Modest Management (1D's management)  who the whole fandom hates for 'controlling 1D's actions etc' seems to have (temporarily??) taken One Direction off their site.  They could be updating the page to have it without Zayn or maybe they let 1D go.  Whatever happened, Twitter is having a major party right now.  We're so happy if they actually dropped 1D.



April Ideas

I know the goal is a bit far away but, when I get 100 followers (could be this year... next year..), I might have another giveaway!   So thats 32 more followers!  If my math is right...

And my other idea is that at the last day\first day of the month, I'll have a 'favorites post'. On May 1st I'll have April favorites.
For Example:
Fave shirt to wear
Fave color
Fave pair of socks

Just things like that!  And since I'm not Zoella, or anything I'm not fancy enough to have 'fave hair product of the month' and things like that, haha.

So, you can let me know what you think in the comments!  



Wordless Easter

Here are some of my favorite pictures from yesterday!  Enjoy!  (Sorry for the bad lighting on the cheesecakes/pictures 2-6)