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Having less is having more.  When I'm older and move out and have my own place, I want everything to be simple.  Not just meaning black and white decor.  But I actually want to have as few things as possible.  I think that helps keep a straight mindset towards your goal.  It gives you the ideal so start from scratch and work your way to the top.

If you look at life with this perspective, things can be taken more seriously.  You can think in a humble attitude.  You can see what is really important and who is important.
But who IS important?
Important people in your life is anyone who you yourself feels connected to and is bringing positivity to your life.  Someone once told me that if the person is just giving you negative feelings, they're not worth the trouble.  And it can be hard but sometimes you need to shove someone out of your life but if something isn't working out, you have to accept the fact you can still be friends or whatever, but not the way you used to be.  Because sometimes we can only help one another grow so much and maybe its time to move on.  There is only so many people who you can stick with your whole life.  Maybe you have helped that person in every way possible and you both need to start fresh.

The first step to starting fresh is picking out what you do and do not need.  Material things, inner thoughts, etc.  it could be an old shirt you've been holding on to.  or a person, a thought, a grudge held against someone.  Whatever it is, if its not bringing you happiness and helping you towards your goal, get rid of it.  Sometimes not entirely but maybe turn your feelings towards it down a notch.  maybe all you need to do is clean your room to feel fresh.  Or maybe you have a whole bunch of junk stored up in your life.

Sometimes i think "why do teenagers my age have to deal with this stuff mentally, emotionally and psychically, when we should have to go through this 'putting things away' as adults...?"
Maybe we are the people who need to learn that now.  Maybe we will be the people who will be able to make it through the rest of our life mostly fresh and clean since we have this experience now.

I believe in minimalism, simplicity, individuality and true freedom.
Don't change for anyone!  Unless you feel like you're doing something wrong, then change but its up to you who you want to be.  But something some people misunderstand is that God gave us who we are.  our nationality, our gender, our personality, etc.  You can't change those things and if you long for a change of something like that (who you are in general, not detail) that can not be changed most times.  And if it can it may not be the right intention; give it thought.  We have to sometimes accept who we are and work around it to be who we want to be while being who we are MEANT and SUPPOSED to be. Everyone should be respected as a dignified individual, so why not respect yourself first?

I think true freedom is acceptance of yourself and while loving yourself, you can feel free.  And detachment of things that are not helping us. Because most of the time, whats holding you back, is yourself. 



  1. Truly inspiring words. I love simplicity, its clean and just pleasing in my eyes :)

    Daisy ○ LittleKawaiiDaisy

  2. Thank you for this post. I often find that simplicity is harder to achieve than complexity at times, as many of us have a talent for cluttering things up! I agree with what you said about starting fresh, letting someone or a grudge go to maintain your happiness. All in all a great post :)

  3. What amazing words! Simplicity is a good thing to have in a world like this.


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