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Imagine this...

Take a few minutes to put yourself in the place I was last night...

Last night, the 25th of August was no normal Tuesday.  One Direction performed in Milwaukee for the first time in their 5 year history as a band.
As you know, I've been a fan and have supported them since 2011, parts of 2012 I wasn't because of pressure from people around me, Isn't that greatttt.  But guess what?  I don't care anymore of what anyone thinks of what I listen to or what I like.
Almost one year ago, October 2014, they announced they would be coming to Milwaukee, obviously I was excited and wanted to go.  Without going into detail of the months between October and May (not the greatest time of my life to be completely honest!!), I had some trouble actually getting someone to go with me. My wonderful friend agreed to go with me finally.  Our tickets arrived in May and I started counting down the days...

Last night it came to life.  Of course I still feel like it was a dream. The fact that they were in front of me is incredible.  My favorite songs live was just surreal.
Proud to admit, I cried almost the entire show and regret none of that. My arms hurt and I was thirsty and hungry but I gave it my all to really live in that moment because like I had prepared myself to be, it was the best day of my entire life.
I had never been so excited in my entire 16  years. Now, I have never been as sad that something was over or missed people so much.
The music, the people... just amazing.  (Living proof last night that Directioners aren't 12.  We were when we started liking them, obviously! Mostly everyone was my age or older!)
I know they say similar things each show, but the sincerity was real. They meant every word.  They really did love it here, I could tell.

Do you know what its like to have 4 favorite people that you have never met or until yesterday, seen, but completely trust them and love them more than anything else?  Well I do.  Because who was there when no one else was?  They were.  They may not know the details, but they realize that people feel this way and it makes them so thankful.  I could not ask for a better group of people to support and love. The awards we help them win by tweeting hashtags endless times a day, the songs we trend and get to the top charts without anyone else promoting it?  I love this family of Directioners and I love Harry. Niall. Louis and Liam more than anything.  They have made my life more exciting, given me something to really be passionate about and something that I have made so many friends through.  Think of all the lessons I've learned from just loving a band! Crazy. Maybe you think I'm overdoing it, but other people feel this way too and I cannot explain how happy I was last night to finally see them.

I am still in disbelief.
As a plus, Niall's hair was so fluffy and Louis had his the way I like it the most and Harry.. his hair is always perfect and Liam's is always in perfect place.  They all wore the outfits I had hoped they would, that was fantastic LOL.
And they played four different 5SOS music videos before and I got to see them on the big screen <3
And when Harry threw water into the crowd from his bottle, I was hit with it... I'VE BEEN GIVEN NEW LIFE :')

They talked about our state and that they loved it here.  They talked about cheese and the Packers and how excited they were.  They said they loved us and were so thankful.  And I knew they meant it.

I wish I could thank them personally, but until that day I'm gonna keep doing what I am now.

Here are the best of the terrible quality pictures I took!

I don't think I will ever get used to the fact I. SAW. THEM.
Unbelievable.  Best day of my life <3



Really random fandom stuff and WOW THREE DAYS TO 1D

Hey guys!!!

Welcome to another one of my casual rants,

What I am preparing myself to be the best day of my life, is just three days away.
I already know One Direction is going to go way over my high expectations because, they're that awesome.

This week, they released their new music video for Drag me Down which is super epic because it was filmed at NASA. Here is the link!!!! Drag me Down video
That song is so catchy, I will never get over it,

Aaaaand that same day, 5SOS performed on GMA and they ROCKEDDDDDD.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND 5SOS new album is getting closer too!!! Don't forget, its October 23rd!!  You can pre order it on their site and elsewhere: Pre Order Sounds Good Feels Good

Oh and just to go over this, Thursday morning I was at my friends house, everyone was sleeping but me.  I was scrolling through Twitter and saw the hashtag #WeLoveYouMichael.  Figured something bad happened, so I checked it out.
Just so happens, my main bae, Michael Clifford of 5SOS, opened up about his mental health at a show.  He has never mentioned it before and said he had gone to therapy the other day while on break.  I was really hit by it, as was the rest of the 5SOS fam.  People had claimed it to be a joke, but when they were on GMA, he spoke briefly saying "He is taking care of it"
So there I was, upset and honestly, didn't want to talk about it because TEARS,
Heres an article too:
Wow so many links in this post.

We already had known this but I quote:
"Earlier this summer, 5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin admitted that he’s “dealt with anxiety and depression in my life” and said the group’s upcoming record, due out this fall, will tackle some of those personal issues. “With our next album we want to sort of have more messages for life involved in what we do because we have a voice for young people,” Irwin said."

Also, they keep saying they are starting something called the New Broken Scene, also a lyric from the single Shes Kinda Hot. Ashton calls it a revolution for misfit kids of the time, who feel like they have no where to go.  Sounds pretty good right?  Well it all comes to life in their new album :D
I swear I should be a promoter ok? ok,  


I'm excited now, haha.   

I will be totalllyyyyy posting pics here the next day or so, maybe a snapchat video too or IG picture :)

WISH ME LUCK OK???  I might post the day of it as well!!!!



Vacation 2015 briefly

Hey everyone.

Its been a while. So just two days ago I arrived home from my insane vacation to D.C., Pennsylvania and more.  My whole family and my dog went for 10 days and wow was that a party.  And not always a fun one.
But here I will briefly share a few of my favorite moments and things I saw!!

We visited a 9\11 memorial, Gettysburg and Valley Forge which was very cool. We also went to Philadelphia which was AMAZING. If you saw my instagram posts from it you'll see I enjoyed it.
It was a mix of extreme history and new stuff too.  It was beautiful there.
D.C. was coolcoolcooooool.  Probably my fave stop. It was a busy city but a really nice medium. Like Philadelphia, most buildings had beautiful architecture. We went to museums and memorials and all the regular tourist stops. I really super enjoyed it there.

Here are my favorite pictures!


Valley Forge


Philadelphia again 

Philly Cheese steak


D.C.  again

View of Washington monument from Lincoln memorial 

Somewhere in Pennsylvania 

States visited or driven through: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia



Hello from Pennsylvania

Hello from Pennsylvania! I'm currently just waking up in my camper praying the WiFi at the private campground works. Its a joke its not working. haha.

Anyways, the morning of the 4th we left and just getting into Milwaukee we had to turn back and get the dog because my aunt and uncle were.having some difficulties.
That day we made it through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and slept there. Yesterday the rest of Ohio and mostly drove all day through Pennsylvania which is gorgeous.
They have some nice looking trees...
We stopped at the Flight 93 9/11 memorial yesterday and today will visit the shrine and remains of St Elizabeth Ann Seton in Emmitsburg and also go to Gettysburg.
I'm hoping to update again as soon as possible. Pictures won't be until I get home unfortunately but my Instagram.. well I'm using it when I can.

Have a nice day!



Updates and (LATE!) July faves!

Hey everyone.

Thank you SO much for 83 follows.  It means so much to me!

So. I think I can take a moment to share my thoughts on 1D's new single 'Drag me Down',

Its so well written, their harmonies are amazing and the overall song is kind of a 'feel good' song.  They all LOVE the song and were so excited to release it!  Now I get to hear this song live too, and I AM SO EXCITED because the YouTube video of their first performance of it is amazing.  I'm in love with this song, really.

Tomorrow. the video for 5SOS 'She's kinda Hot' is released! I posted my thoughts on that song before and I loveeee that song to pieces.

Tuesday I leave for vacation until the 13th and I hope I can update during that time.  I WILL try to be posting on Instagram throughout my trip, so please follow me if you're interested!  My username is lizziew99.

Okay, time for my favorites!

  • Song - She's kinda Hot or Drag me down... OF COURSE
  • Movie - Once again, I did not see any new movies. :P
  • Outfit - My black skater skirt with my navy blue ringer tee. 
  • Nail polish color - Grey
  • EOS - Tangerine
  • Fruit - Blueberries
  • *NEW QUESTION - Drink - Green tea, which I've been trying to drink every day!  

I hope you all enjoy this month as summer starts to come to a close... so soon. 

Summer flew past but I really accomplished so much and I had  a lot of great, fun and fulfilling experiences.  
I can't wait to share a whole rundown of pictures and favorite parts of my summer at the end of this month!!  
Until soon,