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Pictures soon.... I promise {+follow challenge}

Hey everyone!!
I'm really sorry I haven't gotten my pictures from Germany up here yet!
They are on my phone and I have to do the post on the computer to transfer the pictures since I now blog on my tablet blah blah blah:-)
But I promise they will be here by.... ummm.... the end of next week. Yes.....
*little party in my head*
Okay also, I have a challenge for whoever reads this post. If you read this post, copy and paste my link to share via social media or tell a friend about me! I'd love a few more followers!
It takes just a second to do!



Steal my girl music video broke the record!!

Hey guys!
As you may know, One Direction JUST released their new video for their amazing new single, 'Steal my girl'.
Here the link just incase:
Warning. The video is super weird. It has nothing to do with the song at all but it is really funny and creative! So, go ahead and watch it:-)
Every time they do a video, us Directioners attempt to break the VEVO record of most views in 24 hours. According to Harry Styles, WE DID IT!!!


One more thing that I am super duper excited about is..........
1D added more dates to their next tour which wasn't supposed to be a U.S. TOUR but now...... THEY ARE FINALLY COMING TO MILWAUKEE. ITS TAKEN THESE GUYS UNTIL THEIR 4TH TOUR AND NOW THEY ARE COMING!!!!!!!



Schoenstatt pilgrimage to Germany October 15-22 2014

Alright people, here is the official summary of my pilgrimage to Germany for the 100th celebration of the international Schoenstatt movement.
I'm gonna start out by saying how amazingly fun it was. But also how beautiful in every way.
If I could choose one of my favorite parts it would be midnight on October 17th... the first moments of the 18th, the jubilee.
All the girls youth, hundreds of us gathered around the original shrine and counted down to midnight. Girls from all around the world screaming out numbers in their own languages. It was mind blowing.
Before that, I got to unite with the girls from across the world making the covenant with me. There was oonly one other girl from the US. But I made friends and got to know a few of them. We sometime around 2 am I made the covenant of love with the Blessed Mother, right in front of the original shrine, in a blocked off area with the other tons of girls making it, with still hundreds behind us in the celebration of the jubilee.
I cried when I got my covenant medal. It was so beautiful to hug and congratulate the other girls even though just a few hours before we were strangers, and yet still didn't know each other's names, but we were there for the same reason.
Just walking around Schoenstatt I met countless people from everywhere.
From the gorgeous landscape of giant hills misted with clouds, little houses resting in the valley, to the atmosphere of the Schoenstatt celebration, it was amazing.
there where constant activities. Never a moment to sit and think. But it as worth it. We stayed th first few days at a youth hostel. And two last nights at a hotel. The flights there and back went well. 
We went to a medieval town with a church there from the 11 hundreds. It was crazy to think about all the history there. 
On the last day, we went to Munich, a bit of a larger town. The town square was MAGNIFICENT. I went to a nice restaurant there too and did some shopping. 
I got my fair share of walking too:-)

I'm going to publish this and gather some pictures and maybe some more information soon! 



Germany post soon

Hey look who's home:-)
I'm gonna try to write a good post for my trip as soon as possible. Currently I'm so tired I can hardly think... but SOON!
Also, pictures! I have a lot of those:-)




Hey guys! I don't know if I'll be able to post at all in Germany. But hopefully:-)
I'm leaving in the, wish me luck!
I'll be praying for everyone!



One of the best days of my life

Yesterday was Saturday. And not just any Saturday... it was the day of the one weekend only, and just 2 theaters in my area premiere of One Directions Where we are tour Concert film!!!
It was the best movie I have ever seen. And also, the first one I ever cried during. Me and my best friend went together at the mall where it was. All the people who came were all teenage girls about my age. Some of them even had 1D t-shirts on :-)
When the movie started almost everyone had their phones out to take a picture of the opening screen.
I was so excited.
I didn't cry at the first song but there was only 2 songs I didn't cry during. One song, 'Don't forget where you belong', before it, Niall gave a little speech about how he wrote it and how it was for the fans and then I cried. Haha I was like, sobbing.
And then at one song, every one started singing in the theater! And that helped me not cry so hard. Then, I was fine during You and I, until Zayn's high note.... then I cried.
Let's just say it was a really emotional experience for me! Haha!
They ended with Best song ever, and everyone was singing and we all clapped at the end. There were two girls behind me sobbing the whole time!
I also congratulated my best friend for being like, the first person to see me cry. Haha:-)

Then we went to the cheesecake factory afterwards and that was pretty great:-)




Hey! Just got back from Schoenstatt! Had so much fun no matter how many dishes I did.
5 days to Germany!!!!!!!!!! I think it finally hit me that I am going!!!

I also really need to start getting things together to leave fire my trip on Wednesday! It's so soon!

Also, before I sign off, if you want, check out 5 Seconds of summer's new music video for 'Good Girls'! I really enjoyed it,haha:-)



My little haul ♥


I had posted this and deleted it because my tablet was messing the pictures up... but anyways, here are some of the things I got for my trip.  I decided it would be easier just to do a post rather than a video.
First of all, one of the things I am showing I actually bought because I needed them even if I was not going on the trip but I bought it with my trip money.

First are my lovely black combat boots from Kohl's.  I was not sure how they looked on me at first but now I like them :) They were around $40 and the brand is SO.  

This is a textured black skater skirt. also from Kohl's.  I accidentally got a large, and so I just sewed the waistband to fit my size.  The brand is Lauren Conrad and it was around $20.  As a plus, it has pockets!!!!!  SO COOL!
 Here is a large purse I got to use along with my carry on.  It was around $20.  I got it at Target and the brand is Mossimo supply Co.
I also bought a tablet for about $130, and the case is still shipping from Amazon.  I got a white case for it :)
Oh, and the very first thing I bought was my carry on!  It looks like a typical black suitcase and inside it is a shade of lilac-ish purple ith light blue palm trees.  Super cute :)

Well I know that was not very interesting... sorry.  But only 8 days to go!! WOOHOO!!

One more thing:  You can follow me on Instagram and Tumblr!  My username on both is: lizziew99



Its over. Where we Are tour: Memories

I'm proud to announce I cried last night for this reason. Might I mention you're hearing this from the girl who can't remember the last time she had a legitimate reason to cry...
Well, One Direction's 3rd, but not final, tour ended yesterday. The literally went everywhere. I don't know what to do.... no more pictures everyday, no more Niall posting videos on Instagram everyday saying where they are off to next. The one he did today, said, "home" :-)
No more being constantly spammed by tour update accounts. It's over. They did a great job. And no more 5 Seconds of summer being the opening act. They are gone their separate ways. 5SOS performed in Ninja Turtle costumes last night hahaha.
One Direction... they gave little speeches when the concert ended and tweeted their thanks. As well as the 5SOS guys who thanked 1D for everything they've done for their band. Liam from 1D tweeted not to be sad that this tour is over because something even better is coming.He didn't say what though.
But the new album comes out next month:-)
Here are two pictures from last night in Miami where the final concert was... one is the group hug they finish off their tour with. Ugh I wish they were coming to the US next year but, maybe next tour after that.



Morning's writing contest entry

Here is my entry for Morning's writing contest!!! Enjoy:-)

You looked around to see
As a fall colored leaf fell gently.
Could you make yourself understand
That this land,
Your heart was not meant to be?

You need to leave, to go and see
The places you have dreamed.

Where you stand in this land
Your heart does not belong.
You feel a need to push away
What you have held for so long.

Can it be done? Can you go?
A question burns inside.
If home is where the heart is,
Then you must decide.