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The Americano: Your average cup of coffee

I decided to start a whole new blog. After three years on this blog I just want to start fresh somewhere else. I will be keeping this up mainly because well, I'm a very nostalgic person and I like looking at these things haha. But if you happen to want to keep following me, please take a look at my new blog:

Thanks so much!



two options

hey guys.

this is my first blogpost actually about this year.

I really did lose interest in blogging for a while but I want to do it again. But here's the catch.

First, I wanted to change my URL. I had an issue with that but I fixed it now. However, I can still change my URL and keep blogging, or my second option...
I'll keep this blog up because I mean cmon it's the past like, three or four years of my life!  But I'd start a whole new blog.
Even if I start from 0 followers.
I like the second option better.
So, I will post one more time I think with my new blog link and then I'll keep this up! :)