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two options

hey guys.

this is my first blogpost actually about this year.

I really did lose interest in blogging for a while but I want to do it again. But here's the catch.

First, I wanted to change my URL. I had an issue with that but I fixed it now. However, I can still change my URL and keep blogging, or my second option...
I'll keep this blog up because I mean cmon it's the past like, three or four years of my life!  But I'd start a whole new blog.
Even if I start from 0 followers.
I like the second option better.
So, I will post one more time I think with my new blog link and then I'll keep this up! :)


1 comment:

  1. I swear I almost sent you a long letter ranting about how much I miss you in the blogging world!

    I think it depends on what your new blog will be about. If it's going to be very similar to what you have now, might as well keep Castle in the Air, but if it's going to be a bit different, FRESH STARTS ARE THE BEST!!! CREATE A NEW BLOG!!

    Sarah ||


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