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2015 re cap

2015 brought so many joys and so many sorrows. I learned a lot last year and I think I just want to focus on the good things right now, so lets get started with a list of all the highlights of my 2015...

  • March brought my 16th birthday that included a mini surprise party from three of my best friends. 
  • Early in May I took a weekend to Chicago with three friends to go have a surprise party there for my best friend. 
  • May also brought me finally getting 1D tickets
  • June was my highschool mission camp that came with a lot of lessons, laughs and fun. 
  • July brought me counseling two more summer camps, though mentally and physically exhausting, it was worth it. 
  • August came in quick with my super great vacation out East.
  • Best day of my life and best way to wrap up an incredible summer was seeing 1D. 
  • October the new 5SOS album came out!
  • Also in October I went to Chicago for a great Halloween with my squad :):):)
  • November I saw Sleeping With Sirens <3
  • Also in November the new 1D album came out
  • December I saw my beloved All Time Low
  • To wrap up a great year, this past week I spent 5 days with my two best friends.
My two favorite things I was able to cross off my 2015 bucket list was that I saw not only one concert, but my favorite band and two other of my top 5 fave bands. In total counting other opening acts I saw 8 artists live this year! 
Secondly, I went somewhere new, every moment of my vacation was somewhere new!!! So I even got to travel :) 

Right now, I',m still trying to get a list for this year but thats coming. 

Have a happy new year! 


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  1. It sounds like you had a great 2015. I hope you have a happy year. :)

    ~Lauren x

    ~My Blog~


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