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Today's hair

Why can't I have her hair... but brown?  I looooove Carrie Underwood's hair!!
                           She looks amazing in ponytails too, but I couldn't find a good picture


Today's hair - and instructions!

For those who like experimenting with new braids... well I have a little something for you!  

I haven't tried it yet but I plan to!  It looks a little confusing but I should get the hang of it! 


Today's hair

    Someone get me this hair!!! I want these curls!!!

                                                                  ITS. SO. PRETTY!!!
                                                                What to do for next week...


Today's hair

I find this bun very.... fallish.  

                                            Not much else to say about it... but it's cute!


Today's hair

Today I have here a gorgeous Greek style up-do.  

                                                              More fancy hair on the way!


This week...

Okay, I'm mixing it up this week...
                                                             Fancy hair!!
Whether it's gonna be intricate or just fancy curls.  Here's your inspiration for fancy do's.


Today's Random Outfit

I have green jeans... but I wan these red ones :) 
Love the scarf and her hair!

                                                          I don't know why I like these so much...


Today's Random Clothes...

Red dress... red shoes... 
I wasn't actually planning a color scheme.


Today's random outfit...

Today's outfit consists of this amazing dress.  

I usually am not fond of poofy dresses but I like the messy tulle
                                                                 And these cute shoes.


Today's Random Outfit...

Sorry, I wasn't very creative this week... so as the post title says, everything is random.  I mean if you like looking at random clothes then consider yourself lucky ;)

This week I was going to do fall-ish clothes but guess what?  It's warm this week.