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This week... Random clothes

I want this sweater so bad :D  

Sorry for being so dull, I'll post maybe later.


Today's and tomorrows dyed hair and sneakers.

Bored of dyed hair and sneakers yet? I'm not.  Friday, Saturday and some of Sunday I will be gone, so today I'm posting for today and Friday.  Sunday I might post for Saturday.  

So today we're kicking it off with a black studded wedge sneaker.
                And then here we have this absolutely awesome blue hair... a little crazy for me but oh well.
                              And for tomorrow:  These really cute pink, sparkly converse shoes!!!!
                                                                    And rainbow hair :D
(I know you want that hair)


Today's Hair and Sneakers

Day 3!!!  Pink-peach dyed hair. Weird, but cute.  
I like the style of her hair too. 

                                         Once again... weird but cute... cherry red wedge sneakers


Today's Dyed hair color and Sneakers...

Today's hair color is orange-red.  
(I have more red hair I'll be posting this week)

                                                             And the sneaker of the day....



Welcome to day one of dyed hair and sneakers!  
Today is: purple dip dyed!

                                    And day one of sneakers... with silver studs.  I LOVE THESE SHOES!

                                                          Can't wait to post tomorrow!


Today's Outfit - Best in Black

Polka-dots again? Yes!  Love this dress and the jacket.   

                                                               Studded flats!!!  So cute!
Excited for dyed hair week yet??? 
Also, I think I'm going to include a lot of sneakers next week.  


Today's Outfit - Red lace rave

I love this dress!  I can't believe how much I like it!!!!  Oh my gosh it's so pretty. I would definitely wear this 
What do you think??

These silver flats
would look great with the dress.  Or since this is a skater dress, the shoes I posted yesterday would be kind of cute too.
I mean, unless you're feeling fancy, these could be an option ;) I usually don't like gold... but these are really cute.  Not that I would wear them...
And then there's this hair.. Oh gosh that hair!! It's so pretty!!!


Next week's daily post is...

I'm announcing the theme of next week's daily post!!!  Want to hear it?  DYED HAIR
please, don't be shocked, or like, "Why the heck would I want to look at pictures of dyed hair everyday for a week?" But I thought it would be interesting.  So... be excited for next week.

Today's Outfit - Mix and match

This outfit, shoes and hairstyle is kind of mixed up, but all matches in it's own way.  
Love the jacket!!!!!!!!!!

In love with this shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gosh, I love that braid
I'm excited to post some cute shoes I've found online and lots of cool hairstyles!!!!


Today's Outfit - Polka-dot Person?

Like scarves, sweaters and polka dots?  This is the outfit for you.  
I'm not exactly a polka-dot person, but this is cute, and I Love the scarf!!

                                                       And a simple, high pony tail for today.


Today's Outfit - Perfectly Sweet

I really like this dress and would definitely wear it.  It looks very comfortable actually.

                         And then here we have today's hairstyle: A simple roll.  Which probably wouldn't work it my hair...
And to be super nice, I've added a shoe for today as well.  I love this boot so much!


Today's Outfit - Vintage Vibe

Classy, Elegant and Simple. 

                                          And to spice up the dress... Vintage pumps with bows!

 Sometime, I'll move on to more casual outfits, that people can actually wear:)  As for those who have commented with outfit requests : I'll get to those this week!
Also, if anyone has a request for a hairstyle let me know :)


Today's Outfit - Pumped up with peach!

             Get excited for a warm, late summer day with this adorable peach high-low dress!  Maybe add a denim jacket if it's a little on the chilly side ;)
Add a cute hairstyle to your look today:

I might start doing daily shoes as well.  Or once in a while at least.  And a hairstyle.  


Today's Outfit - A little Chilly :)

A leather jacket, a sheer pink dress and really pretty hair.  It's a little chilly today because fall is almost here!    
 And by the way, these don't exactly go with the outfit, but they are really cute!


Today's Outfit - A little bit of lace

Scarf, sweater, lace dress, tights and boots.  the perfect, 'It's almost fall' outfit, for you dress people out there:)  
If you have any requests for a certain type of outfit, let me know!



From now on, everyday of the week besides Sunday, I will be posting a different outfit.  Comments are Welcome!
Here's the first outfit.  Your going to need a little cold weather to pull this one off!