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Camp! July 21 - 25 2013

So here are a few pics from my super fun camp!!!!  I met a few new friends, so that's always a nice experience.  Our activities this year were really fun, better than last year...  And plus, I look way better in these pictures than I did in last years pictures :)  

 Bonfire night!
 Group pics at the bonfire
 Another group photo
 That's a full moon!
 Our beautiful group photo from the last day.  I was so sad to leave :(
From left to right:  My best Friend, Gianna, a girl I know named Bethany, and a girl I met named Sara.
Left to right:  a girl I met at camp two years ago, named Meg, I girl I met named Marianna, and a girl I met (again) two years ago named Isabel.  


From then, to today

I don't remember last time I posted...
Today I am leaving for summer camp with my best friend.  I hope I have as much fun as I am expecting to!
I'll post pictures and say as much as I can about camp when I get home.


253 Cookies

                   Each year, our Church hosts a Vacation Bible School.  My mom runs the snacks in the kitchen. This year we made 253 Cookies at home for the first day!  This picture doesn't look like it was that many though.


July 1st? No way

Can you believe it's July?  I can't!  How is summer - and better yet - this year going so fast?  I thought just yesterday I was wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt watching snow fall.  Wow.  Well, either way, fast or slow, I've had fun.  Getting back from a 4 day camping trip is tiring but was great.  Biking, walking... :)  The reason we went camping was for my cousins wedding which was fun too.  I don't have any good camping pictures...  :(  Oh, well.
4th of July is on Thursday?!  Oh my gosh.  Candy, candy and a little more candy is coming our way.