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Yesterday, my 3rd little sister was born! My 8th sibling, the 9th child. A beautiful baby girl named Lydia!
Its weird having another little sister since I have so many little brothers! But here she is.

Shes gonna be a pretty cool kid! You can literally see the word 'Directioner' in her eyes;)

I'll have more pictures soon!



2015 Goals

So i got a little list of goals and things I want to try to do this year and thought I'd share it...

1. Make at least 3 new friends {I overly accomplished this last year!}
2. Try a new food
3. Make up a new recipe
4. Make a To Be Read list!
5. Go to one or more concerts
6. Be a better person in general
7. Go to at least one place I've never been {anything, a store even!}
8. Get 100 followers!!!
9. Write more
10. Try to work on learning HTML and CSS coding!!

Thats all I have so far. When I get more ideas I'll try for a second post!!



Currently Compiling...

Hey everyone.

Currently I am trying to compile a bucket list for 2015!
There were some things that were exciting that happened last year, which I did not plan. But this year I want to see what I can come up with!
So that may or may not be one of my next posts!

Happy Friday!



Some Updates

Hey!!! As you can probably see, I have a new design from Rose!!!
Thanks so much! I love it!
I thought it was time for a change! A new year, a new design. However, i simply adored my previous design from Eve!! These girls are so talented! Check them out!
So, thank you to both of you!

Also, I've been sick for over a week now! During the last days of December, I had fevers and all that and now I pretty much lost my voice from coughing and thats horrible because i talk... a lot. Haha :)
Oh, and the other day I saw The battle of the five armies. Wow!!! What a movie!!!! I was speechless and almost cried at the end! It has been so long since I read the Hobbit, i forgot most things that happened so I was kinda shocked!! I recommend it... HIGHLY! if you have not seen it!!!!!

I've been planning a few posts but still am drafting so I'll post soon!