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2015 Goals

So i got a little list of goals and things I want to try to do this year and thought I'd share it...

1. Make at least 3 new friends {I overly accomplished this last year!}
2. Try a new food
3. Make up a new recipe
4. Make a To Be Read list!
5. Go to one or more concerts
6. Be a better person in general
7. Go to at least one place I've never been {anything, a store even!}
8. Get 100 followers!!!
9. Write more
10. Try to work on learning HTML and CSS coding!!

Thats all I have so far. When I get more ideas I'll try for a second post!!



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  2. I love your goals! I started a TBR list, but then stopped because too many books... oops haha!
    You definitely deserve 100 followers, your blog is one of my favourites <3 I'm finally back from my break, woo! I've missed you so much!

    Love ya <3


    P.S. Also, your new baby sister is adorable <3 ^.^


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