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These 3 dresses are really cute.  This first one also comes in light pink - the top is still white.  The second has a different print it's also floral, but I like this one better.  And the third comes in teal and coral, once again I like the white one.   I'm not sure which one I like the best...


Cute Outfit

Taylor Swift Keds;)  And this Adorable dress, with a capital A.  So, so cute!!!
 This dress is so adorable;)

 Love her dress! <3<3<3


Jello no bake Cheesecake;)

Yesterday I made a Jello no bake Cheesecake.  I decorated it with strawberries and a few shakes of Red nonpareils ( round sprinkles) in the center.  It turned out really yummy, and of course was really simple and easy.  I thought I'd just show some pics of it below...



So, Yesterday I got another babysitting job.  I have been babysitting with my BFF @ a mom's group for a few months and get a monthly pay check.  There is one little girl I like in particular -her name is Avila and has a baby sister named Pieta;) They are 2 (almost 3 probably and I think 1).  They are the daughters of the mom who runs the group, so it was no trouble at all asking.  Even though I was really nervous;)  My BFF, who I like to say is my Co-worker, got another job as well, for the cutest girl in the group;)  We are both really happy and excited and relieved )  I am hoping to by a nice phone soon when I save up enough $$$;)  Also, this is my last day of School.


May Crowning

As some of you know, my sister Abbie had her 1st Communion on April 21st.  The day after out Director of Child Ministry called us and asked if Abbie wanted to crown Mary at the May Crowning which was yesterday at my Church after Mass.  Out of all the little girls', she was picked;)  so here are some pictures!!!!