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A day in the life of...

If you had one tweet to send to One Direction one their anniversary, what would it say?
I don't know what mine would be because yesterday I sent a lot more than one!
Yesterday marked five years of One Direction.
I can't be thankful enough for them, for their music and talents, for their smiles and the friends I've gained through this fandom, for being one of the only things to bring tears to my eyes, yet lots of laughter.
I'm most thankful that four of these genuine people have stayed together and proven through words and actions that they care. All their tweets yesterday really made a point. I'm really proud of how far they have come.
Congratulations to them:D
A month from tomorrow I'll be seeing them and I'm so thankful that I get to do this.
In light of this, I thought I'd share this with you...

A day in the life of a Directioner

Okay so maybe most of us have twitter accounts, maybe most of us wake up and check our phones.  
What do I do?  I respond to messages from internet friends, retweet the latest fandom stuff and maybe do a few indirects (pretty much means rating people's accounts based on their tweets, layout and bio). I start the day pretty normal, coffee, getting ready, whatever else I have to do.
So lets just say some drama is going on. Maybe theres a new rumor.  EVERYONE IS FREAKING OUT.  ITS #2 TRENDING WORLDWIDE ON TWITTER. And the rumor is fake.  Freak out or not? I usually don't. 
Lets not even talk about when they post in Instagram... its usually too much to handle especially if its a selfie.  

My day goes on and hey, why not listen to some music.  Put my favorite album on shuffle and there we go.  Maybe write some fanfiction, make an edit for someone, etc.  
Then theres that constant thought "what are they doing, what did they eat today, what songs are they writing, where are they hanging out this weekend, what would i do if i saw them..."  the list goes on. 
Then theres updating your phone wallpaper with new pictures. Deciding between a picture of your fave(NIALL) or the newest picture of Louis in concert last night is NOT easy.  

Then theres money, how much should I save incase I see some merch I want to buy?  Things like that.
By the end of the day while you're throwing out your 11:11 tweet and saving the last chapter of you fanfiction, you can usually go to sleep peacefully.  
Everyday is exciting!! Trying not to remind someone that their sentence sounded like a one direction lyric, etc.  It never ends.  
But I wouldn't trade it for anything!! 

Happy fifth anniversary 1D!



Mid summer updates

I have been super inactive on Blogger lately.  Updating and even reading other blogs.  Summer camps have finally ended for me before I move on to the next part of my summer!

Counselling two camps with different age groups was super amazing and fun.  Most of the girls there were fantastic!
Being home is weird!  Lat weekend I was in my camper with my friends and now I'm actually at home again and last night slept in my own bed for the first time since July 4th.
I can't update with pictures right now but I had a great two weeks of camp.  From my last post I was super wiped out and that was true but I really did enjoy it as usual.

I can get back to usual posts before I go on vacation, etc.

Also today, 5SOS released their new single "She's kinda hot".  Even I thought it sounded like the stupidest song yet but nope.  don't judge a song by its title because the lyrics and music are amazing. They say its a great lead up for the album and they are releasing a video soon.  The song honestly has nothing to do with the title after the first verse.  Super catchy too of course.


Updating again soon!


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Gone Home Gone

You might remember that last week was my second summer camp. I counselled 9-12 year olds. From this past Thursday till tomorrow my friends stayed at my house and then Sunday we go back to counsel 12-14 year olds.

Last week was honestly the most mentally and physically exhausting week ever. Sure, it was fun but we literally didn't get to sit down except  for meals. The most sleep in one night I got was 6 hours. It was go, go, go all day. When I got home with my friend I slept right after we got home for almost 13 hours and skipped dinner I was just so exhausted. Just drained honestly.I mean obviously I love doing this but that week was intense!
I'm hoping this next one is better. Last week my legs hurt so bad I couldn't kneel at church without cringing.
Let's put it that way.

But anyways, that's the life update and why I haven't posted.
If you check out my Instagram, theres a lot of pictures from things Ive been doing and highlights and random photography.
I'll post regularly again by next Friday!



June favorites!

I think we can all agree, this year has been going much too fast!  I've had some great experiences but I wish it wouldn't whip past!  Here is my day late June favorites list!  Happy July!!!

Song- Hmmmmm Dreaming by Smallpools or Demi Lovato's brand new song 'Cool for the summer'. Which is a total summer jam by the way.

Movie- Okay I'm pretty sure it was last month that I finally saw Big Hero 6.  It was alright.  But I'm just gonna say the WWA 1D concert film.........

Outfit- So I have this new shirt, its white and kind of cropped and it says Coffee plus WiFi equals perfect and then a coffee cup with WiFi signals <3

Nail Polish color- Just pulled out my favorite blue color the other day!

EOS- Mint wins again!

Fruit- Strawberries because, why not?

Quote- 'When someone tells you it can't be done, it's more a reflection of their limitations, not yours'

There you have my mini favorites list.  I hope you all have a great start to this month!


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