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Hey everyone!
I was busy this weekend and did not get to post my own loving review of the new 5SOS album, Sounds Good Feels Good. But here it is now!!!

This album lives up its name. 5SOS is criticized by many music critics but I have seen a few saying how the band has matured to the kind of music they've always wanted to play.
They worked again with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, and the Madden brothers of Good Charlotte co-wrote most songs on this album.

Pop punk is such a controversial topic in music, and 5SOS is in that genre completely. No matter how many times they have been labeled a boy band in the past and present, they live true to the great rock sub genre of pop punk.
 Lets go over that... pop punk means guitar driven chord changes, and fast tempos mixed with melodies and lyrics of pop. You may say 5SOS was more pop than punk here and there, but hey, they like their music and so do their fans.
They write their music under the influence of their favorite bands, including All Time Low, who has a much better reputation as a punk pop band than 5SOS, even going  back to Green Day and Blink 182, etc. They may be on the more pop side, lyrically and bring lots of acoustic tunes in as well but as do All Time Low,  etc.

There are a whopping 17 tracks on the Deluxe Album so I decided to not do a track by track review.  But this was an album for me where the wasn't one song I didn't like. I may be a huge 1D fan but even with them there are songs, OK from the first album mainly,  that I dislike. But this is an overall super good album.
You have your super crowd pleasing anthems and some sad songs, acoustic songs etc. Its a big mix and it's different.  If I were you I'd check it out and give it just one listen!

You can buy regular or deluxe version on iTunes,  Google Play and Amazon, stream it for free on Spotify, and also check out two more Target Deluxe Edition songs.

If you like this album, what are your favorite songs? Mine are Jet Black Heart, Permanent Vacation and San Francisco <3



September Faves... ITS OCTOBER

I'm spending the first few days of one of my favorite months of the year in one of the most fall ish ways possible.
Camping up north for an extended weekend:)

Here are my favorites from last month!

Song: Infinity by 1D

Drink: Green tea wins.

Outfit: Nothing in particular but I could bring my jeans out late in the month!!

EOS: Tangerine. I need to pick up a new one!

Also, yesterday I got a new phone which I am really enjoying.  Im not gonna review it or anything BUT it has an amazing camera and I will be posting all my instagram pictures with it now so if you want to follow me my user name is lizziew99. Free promo intended ahahaha.

Have a good month!!!