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September Faves... ITS OCTOBER

I'm spending the first few days of one of my favorite months of the year in one of the most fall ish ways possible.
Camping up north for an extended weekend:)

Here are my favorites from last month!

Song: Infinity by 1D

Drink: Green tea wins.

Outfit: Nothing in particular but I could bring my jeans out late in the month!!

EOS: Tangerine. I need to pick up a new one!

Also, yesterday I got a new phone which I am really enjoying.  Im not gonna review it or anything BUT it has an amazing camera and I will be posting all my instagram pictures with it now so if you want to follow me my user name is lizziew99. Free promo intended ahahaha.

Have a good month!!!



  1. Nice post! I'm loving my new jeans that I got, so cozy! Happy October! :)

    anna | annaish

  2. Green tea >>>>

    As far as outfit/clothes go, I'm kind of obsessed with the new plaid flannel shirts I purchased recently... So cozy.

    I need to get a new EOS too. My mint one is almost completely used up. I want to try the pomegranate!

    Happy October!:)

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