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Made in the A.M. !

Lets start with the most important topic... November 13th is the release date of 'Made in the A.M.' the fifth studio album by One Directionnnnnnn.
If you pre order it now, you can get the track 'Infinity'! Which is also available for streaming on Spotify!
I am so sorry I literally sound like a promoter... I mean I am... but I'm not...

Next, lets talk about this cover art...

They all look so classy its great. Their hair is literally shining with beauty LOL.  I don't know, but the whole theme is great. It really goes with what we've heard of and about the music so far.

Now to talk about Infinity. Its a slower song with great great greatttt lyrics.  Its like a really chill song like you could look out the window and listen to this or something idk. Its great.  I should have recorded my reaction, honestly. 

I'm super excited for the rest of the album!


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