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28 followers!!!! Yess!!!  Thats one more closer to 35!  A.K.A, one more closer to the giveaway.

And wow.... 4th of July is in just a few days!!!  And summer camp is on the 5th of July until the 10th.  And then counseling summer camp is July 13th to 17th!  And then that weekend I have to go camping!
July is gonna go past really fast :P  Which I don't want because it will be August and then school starts later that month....
Why is the year going so fast??  Seriously, the other day I thought it was April.  Literally I was looking at the calender and I'm like, "Oh April 25th... wait what...?"  Hahaha.
Oh well... I guess now this means its just 1 month closer to the pilgrimage to Germany... I also keep forgetting about that and I still need $700!
And then after that it won't be long until Thanksgiving and Advent and Christmas and then 2015!!!  And then I'll be 16 that March!
Okay, I'm done.  That's enough.  It's only July... :P

Sorry for the randomness.


Hand in Hand blog---Check it out!

Hey guys!  
I know I keep promoting my blog, but I'd also like to promote this one.  Hand in Hand  blog was just started a few days ago by 7 Christian teen bloggers.  A few of them are girls whose blogs I already follow.  
So maybe you wanna check it out and give them some support on their new blog?  Thanks! 



Pictures of my sister.

Really, the only reason I was taking these pictures today was because my sister, Abbie, has a really cute outfit on today...
In my opinion, these pictures turned out pretty good!

I didn't really finish this post, so what I'm writing here is an edit.  I actually had no clue that this posted because my internet was so slow yesterday, Blogger was not exactly working!  Some  of these pictures are sideways, because I didn't really take time to fix them.  But oh well, you can still see them.  


An idea

Hey everyone
So I have this idea... currently my blog has 25 followers.  I'm thinking if I get 10 more followers I'll have a giveaway!  
Sound like a good idea?  If you read this, comment and tell me what you think.  If people think its a good idea, 'll post rules and details.  It could take a week or 5 months to get 10 more... so comment away!!




Hello to whoever reads this...
Anyhow.  I finally uploading pictures of my hair:)   And in this picture... I am wearing a sweater... in June.  What is this?  Cold in June :P  But hey, this is coming from me, the person who thought there would still be snow right now...
Hmmm... now I'm thinkin' I should edit this pic and change it to my profile picture... yeah I'll do that

Post again soon,


Why can I never think of a title. This is getting ridiculous.

Yeah, I can't think of a title.  And I don't really have anything important today to say.  But I was thinking, maybe its just me or my personality type, but someone once told me that "Weird things make me happy."  
Well that much is true.  Not especially weird, but like, small things.  I said small 'cause I didn't want to say 'Little things' because then we'd all start thinking about Little Things  by One Direction.  Or at least I would... :P
But yeah, 'small' things like, Pinterest followers, blog followers... a nice comment.  And the bigber stuff like, going to Germany... I like, never even think about it... maybe its just the 'living in the moment' kind of person I am.  I don't know.  And same with things that make me mad\pet peeves.  Like my room being messy DRIVES ME CRAZY.  If someone makes me mad, like if a friend says something slightly offensive, doesn't bother me that much.  Ya know? 

I just felt like posting randomly, so there ya go! 



A few things

Okay so just a few things...

1. I should have a new micro SD card by the end of the week (YAY!) which means lots of pictures comin' up.

2. Ummm what was I gonna say...?  Oh yeah, duh.
Okay so I guess I'm gonna have 8 siblings - haha, did ya catch that there?  Yeah 8 siblings, like, that means not 7 anymore.  Yeahhh 11 people in the house soon... no big deal... ;)  Well most of them are little kids anyways.

Yep okay so that wasn't even a couple of things... it was 2 things...



Couldn't think of a title...

Alright, so I couldn't think of a title and I STILL can't upload any pictures :P  But I guess thats okay...
I had a great weekend which included a sensational sleepover (like my alliteration there? :)!   And today Vacation Bible school volunteering started which was pretty fun I guess since I get to be with my best friend for like 3 hours.

I can't really think of anything else to say... but I seriously need to make that Chocolate cheesecake I made last summer that I actually blogged about way back when:  The cheesecake  except I didn't include the recipe in the post, darn :P
And I really need to get back to writing my book.  And I seriously need to make a summer reading list.  But I really like Sarah's idea from her blog:  'To be read jar'
Yeah... I think I'm gonna do that!!!  :)

Okay, well I'll post again soon!



My Blog lovin' link and more...

Hey!  I just got a Blog lovin' account!  If you have one, you can follow me here: My Blog lovin' profile.
I now have 23 followers on my blog!  How cool is that?!  And I reached my recent goal of getting 175 followers on Pinterest today!  I went from 161 to 175 in about 24 hours!  That's pretty good :)
So if anyone who is reading this is one of those followers from my blog or Pinterest, thanks so much!!!


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Please enjoy this beautiful picture of sour skittles while I TRY TO FIND MY MICRO SD CARD ADAPTER!!  So I can download pictures of my hair (LOL)  onto here :P 




Thank you!!

I just want to thank everyone that is following my blog!  I have gotten 4 new followers in the past... ummm... week and a half-ish.  I'd say that's pretty good!  Thanks so much for following.  It's motivating to get followers ;)

By the way, I was at a Homeschool Graduation dance this past Thursday.  It was amazingly fun!!!  And I knew tons of people there:)  Here are some pictures of me...
 Here is me...
 And my bestie, Bernadette and I.  She looked absolutely fantastic!!!
Oh, one more thing!  I got highlights this past Wednesday!  They were supposed to be chestnut but ended up being like, blonde!!!  But I really like them :)  You can kind of see them in these pics but not really because my hair is braided.  I'l try to get another picture of my hair soon...