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Thank you!!

I just want to thank everyone that is following my blog!  I have gotten 4 new followers in the past... ummm... week and a half-ish.  I'd say that's pretty good!  Thanks so much for following.  It's motivating to get followers ;)

By the way, I was at a Homeschool Graduation dance this past Thursday.  It was amazingly fun!!!  And I knew tons of people there:)  Here are some pictures of me...
 Here is me...
 And my bestie, Bernadette and I.  She looked absolutely fantastic!!!
Oh, one more thing!  I got highlights this past Wednesday!  They were supposed to be chestnut but ended up being like, blonde!!!  But I really like them :)  You can kind of see them in these pics but not really because my hair is braided.  I'l try to get another picture of my hair soon...

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