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May Favorites

May has come to a close and next is the busy busy BUSY month of June!  Here are my favorites for the month:

Song - Hard to choose, I listened to a lot of different music this month but maybe something by Halsey or Bea Miller.

Movie - It seems like forever ago when I saw it, yet it was just early this month, Avengers 2 definitely.

Outfit - The shorts I bleached and a top, separately, my Harry Styles shirt is always a big winner :D

Nail polish color - I have this really nice deep-ish pink color that was great for this month.

EOS - The mint one!

Fruit - Ummm Watermelon!

Quote - "The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling" -Anon

If you have suggestions for adding to my favorites list, comment!



Dyeing hair

Lets start off this post by thanking my inspiration for this post of course, Michael Clifford of 5SOS (aka my style icons haha). Once again dyed his hair. It was blue and now its black and oh my goodness it looks spectacular...

Anyways, yesterday I lightened my sisters hair with lemon juice and colored mine with... wait for it... COFFEE. I was covered in coffee from literally spooning it onto my hair...ummm...
I have tried and tried to get the last of my blonde highlights from last summer out out. No luck. But my hair is really soft and smells great hahaha. Im going to try it again soon.
You just soak your hair in strong, dark coffee for an hour.

Have any of you ever dyed your hair?



Catching up | Take 2

If you have the Blogger app, you may have noticed it does not sync your posts all the time from my phone to on the computer.  But once again, I was stupid enough to type this wonderful post that I really liked on my phone and of course it just didn't finish the publishing process.  So... I'm going to try my best to re-type what I can remember.

The weather here was not my type at all this past weekend!  It was cloudy and muggy outside.  But today it is really looking up!  A nice temperature and sunny.  Perfect for reading outside!  Currently, I am about one third of the way through "Girl Online".  Zoe Sugg's (aka Zoella) first novel!  It is super good and I am LOVING it so far!!

About the weather, it is sad that it was not the greatest weather this past weekend because I was on a May Crowing retreat at Schoenstatt.  I helped plan this retreat this year and it was really lovely!  I had a lot of fun with my friends and took some nice pictures I will upload sometime.

Tomorrow I am receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation that should be nice too!  

Believe it or not, summer camps start for me just next month! Crazy!
I am going to summer camp next month and a day or two after I get home my family is going on vacation to Washington D.C. (that seems o be where we'll be spending alot of our time) and apparently a few things in some of the States around there.  I should get some GREAT photos from this trip!!!  And some blog posts about being in a car with ten other people for two days and in a camper for almost two weeks.
Then in July I am counseling two summer camps!   I'll be with my friends that whole time so it will be super fun!!!

I also entered to to a summer photography challenge as you can see from my sidebar!!  YAYYY!




No need for words

I'm just going to leave this picture here. It speaks for itself.



Pretty much the most exciting news EVER.

Yesterday was a day of relief.  Anyone wanna guess what happened...?  

After a loooong 6 months of knowing 1D was coming to Milwaukee, I FINALLY got my tickets.
I am pretty sure I can say I worked super hard for this.  Trying to get someone to go with me, trying to get money, trying not to die while doing that... well it paid off!!!  Because I have 2 tickets for Section R row 22 for ONE DIRECTION ON THE ROAD AGAIN TOUR 7PM AUGUST 25TH 2015 MILLER PARK MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN!!!!!!!!!!

Sooo many people get to go see 1D every time they tour and lots of people who hardly like them get front row tickets.  Thats not fair.  I mean lets be honest here, how would you feel if there was some people you've never met you can legitimately say have pretty much saved your life and keep you sane and you can't afford to even be in the same room as them??  Then after much hard work you FINALLY get a chance to see them.  They have made you laugh and smile and if you cry, its about them!
At this point I am more relieved than excited!
Even though I won't be able to meet them, I cannot believe I am actually going to see them live.
I have been so so so worried about this for such a long time.  I really don't want anything right now but this.  If I have to live in a dumpster I guess I'd be kinda okay with that hahaha.  I mean even if you don't like One Direction, seeing them live still has to sound pretty cool, right?

And also, I ordered a new phone so now I can snapchat and go on Instagram again!!! :D



Avengers Age of Ultron | In my words ***SPOILERS***

********************  MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS ********************  

Last night I went and saw Avengers Age of Ultron.  Not sure about you guys but I've been emotionally invested in seeing this movie since the first one came out.  In the meantime of.... what?  3 years I think?  ... I've seen all the other Marvel movies, watched Agent Carter, Daredevil and still watch Agents of Shield on TV.  I was very VERY excited for this movie.  This was one of those times where the movie filled my expectations.  I cried.  Yes me.  Only the 2nd movie well, if you call the first one a real movie (that was the 1D concert film)  
Someone died and thats not even why I cried.  I had tears in my eyes when Hawkeye came home to HIS FAMILY.  IT WAS SO CUTE. And when Bruce and Natasha said neither of them could have children,  And at all of Natasha's flashbacks.  Oh my goodness.  And when They said, "This is what Shield is supposed to be like"  and when Capt America said "We'll do this together,"  and when Hawkeye was talking to Wanda, the witch and saying if she walked out those doors she'd be an avenger and then at the end when Capt America said "This is my home" or something like that. I was full on crying by the credits.

If you have a chance watch this movie, do it.  I want to write a letter to Marvel and tell them how great it is or something because THIS MOVIE DESERVES AN AWARD.



April Favorites | a little late!

Not sure if you remember, but, a few posts ago I said I'd do favorites of the past month.  I forgot to do that but as its still the first few days of May, I think I can slide in my April favorites!!


Song - One of my fave songs this month was probably 'Dont you go', from All time Low's new album!

Movie - I didn't see any new movies last month but if I had my choice to watch a movie it probably would have been a Marvel movie anyways!

Outfit - Probably my black jeans and my blue tie front shirt that has a white collar (SO CUTE)

Nail polish color - My fave blue color!

EOS - The tangerine one, definitely

Fruit - STRAWBERRIES as usual.  Grapefruit came in with a close tie.

Quote - Had to look into this answer!  "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." E. Roosevelt

Thing I did - Hmmm... I guess this past weekend with my friends was definitely the best thing  I did this month and most of the year so far, to be honest!   (post for that coming soon!)

Looking forward to keeping track of what I really liked this month!!