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Catching up | Take 2

If you have the Blogger app, you may have noticed it does not sync your posts all the time from my phone to on the computer.  But once again, I was stupid enough to type this wonderful post that I really liked on my phone and of course it just didn't finish the publishing process.  So... I'm going to try my best to re-type what I can remember.

The weather here was not my type at all this past weekend!  It was cloudy and muggy outside.  But today it is really looking up!  A nice temperature and sunny.  Perfect for reading outside!  Currently, I am about one third of the way through "Girl Online".  Zoe Sugg's (aka Zoella) first novel!  It is super good and I am LOVING it so far!!

About the weather, it is sad that it was not the greatest weather this past weekend because I was on a May Crowing retreat at Schoenstatt.  I helped plan this retreat this year and it was really lovely!  I had a lot of fun with my friends and took some nice pictures I will upload sometime.

Tomorrow I am receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation that should be nice too!  

Believe it or not, summer camps start for me just next month! Crazy!
I am going to summer camp next month and a day or two after I get home my family is going on vacation to Washington D.C. (that seems o be where we'll be spending alot of our time) and apparently a few things in some of the States around there.  I should get some GREAT photos from this trip!!!  And some blog posts about being in a car with ten other people for two days and in a camper for almost two weeks.
Then in July I am counseling two summer camps!   I'll be with my friends that whole time so it will be super fun!!!

I also entered to to a summer photography challenge as you can see from my sidebar!!  YAYYY!



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  1. I can't believe summer's coming up too! And Blogger has an app?! Huh...

    Emily | Lynde Avenue


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