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Dyeing hair

Lets start off this post by thanking my inspiration for this post of course, Michael Clifford of 5SOS (aka my style icons haha). Once again dyed his hair. It was blue and now its black and oh my goodness it looks spectacular...

Anyways, yesterday I lightened my sisters hair with lemon juice and colored mine with... wait for it... COFFEE. I was covered in coffee from literally spooning it onto my hair...ummm...
I have tried and tried to get the last of my blonde highlights from last summer out out. No luck. But my hair is really soft and smells great hahaha. Im going to try it again soon.
You just soak your hair in strong, dark coffee for an hour.

Have any of you ever dyed your hair?


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  1. I REALLY want to put a blonde streak under the back side of my head for the summer! Kayla put a teal strip in her hair last summer and it was sweeeeet!

    Sarah ||


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