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Still sad? Nope - The Fandom Betrayed..?

First, I apologize for all the One Direction posts.  There WILL be normal stuff again this week besides this.  I promise.  I just need to type this all out somewhere :P

You know, theres usually a good way to get over something sad that happened.  But not all those ways lead to anger.... this one did.  As you all know, when Zayn left One Direction I was devastated.  Now, me and pretty much the whole fandom don't even care because Zayn didnt leave to be normal, he's making music on freaking soundcloud with a rapper he was hanging out with in fall. And apparently a solo album was announced. 5 days ago we all accepted his choice.  Now, Louis tried to defend us with this tweet:

There we go, Louis telling him to just get out. The best part is, Louis' family tweeted him literally patting him on the back for his tweet, haha.
 Like why did Zayn choose some stupid rapper (RAPPER, REALLY??!!) over these 4 guys and us?

BETRAYED?!! I'm feelin' it.

But Zayn... wow.  I dont hate him but I'm disappointed in him. He really is letting us down so far.  He better clean this up real fast if this wasn't his true plan. He hasn't tweeted through all of this. The other 4 left are really being so nice to us it is unbelievable. <3  I cant imagine how sad they are, even more than the fans, yet they still get up and put on amazing shows every night. Like why'd he have to leave in the middle of a world tour?!!
Either way, the rest of them are being so good to us and we are being better to them too.  Like, so much respect for the other four.

Niall called us 'The Best fans in the world', Harry called us 'Legends', Louis called us 'Ultimate Fans, and Liam called us 'Heroes'. Zayn didnt say anything. We all loved him so much and nothing personally in return to the fans.



Short post!

Yesterday I got my braces off!!

So heres a picture of my 'brand new' teeth!   I have to wear a retainer for 6 months but I love how they look :)

Ignore the mess in the background... and my posters...

Last night was funny and cheered me up; Someone on Twitter that I follow made up a hashtag, that ended up trending.  How cool is that? It was: #CarrotForANight
Meaning we'd pretend to be really new and fake 1D fans.  (We call those people carrots because of something in an old One Direction video.... we're really mean...)
So we pretended to be 'Carrots', as we call them.  It really cheered everyone up.  Instead of all this sad, depressing stuff.  And I have to say, Twitter today is a lot happier than it has been the past two days!

I know I've put this in a post before, but does anyone have any book suggestions for summer?  Thanks :)

I hope you all enjoy the weekend or if you are on spring break. Sorry this is so short.



Buying One Direction ? +more

Day 2 of One Direction without Zayn Malik.

The day started out pretty depressing on Twitter.... until the fandom decided we could RAISE MONEY AND BUY One Direction. If all 23M or how many of us donates $37 we could buy them...?  Extremely questionable.... but someone just donated $300.  Well I hope you don't miss your $300 if we can't buy them.  This is insane.  I'M STAYIN OUT OF THIS ONE.

Also today, Zayn went to a studio.  Which of course we are all mad about since Zayn claimed he wants to have a normal life, well then buddy, why are you walking into a recording studio........

In the middle of the night, the other 4 boys tweeted. Harry and Niall pretty much said they loved us.  Liam said he was happy to be in bed after a long day and then posted an old picture of himself to cheer us up.  Louis said this is just making them try even harder to create good music for us now.  

In any case, I'm still upset over this and will be.  I'm staying out of donating money... thats just insane...
But I am getting my braces off today... but thats not making me any happier.



The day Zayn left

I apologize for my previous post.  Its not every day a member of One Direction quits. No warnings, no goodbye. Just a Facebook status on the bands account.  Millions of girls are heartbroken.  
I get it, he wants a normal life. But I feel like we deserved a proper goodbye.  He's been gone for a few days and unknowingly, the band had their last show together already. The sad fact is most of them cried at that show and know one knew why... now we do.  
 Someone tweeted this and its like the most beautiful thing I've ever read: 
"dont ever stop tweeting him, dont ever stop talking about him, dont ever stop mentioning him in fanfics, never ever forget him"

Zayn Malik is such an inspiration. Out of the 5, he receives so much hate. He has always dealt with it in a great way. He always tweets great quotes, etc.  
I just can't believe he hung up on us like this.  I saw tweet that said 150 girls from Portugal committed suicide because of this.That is SO wrong. But it goes to show how music (and the people that make it) can affect people.  
Liam from One Direction has already said in the past, "We will introduce ourselves as Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis, because we aren't One Direction without Zayn" 

Who will sing his solos for the rest of the tour? When will the rest of the boys recover? How are they even performing right now? How will I even listen to their music and hear Zayn without feeling like I felt today?
Its gonna take some time for this to sink in. I just hope he made the right choice and is happier now.  He wont be forgotten.  
I could write pages and pages about Zayn, but you get the point.   This band means the world to me and right now its kind of confusing. 

For now, I'll just have a horrible pit in my stomach.



You know... today I was gonna post a nice thing about my birthday.
I get on Twitter and see this.

They also posted on their Facebook page so we know its official.

I dont want to talk or eat probably wont sleep. IF THIS IS A JOKE PLEASE TELL US SOON. I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

I'm sorry this is random and stupid but if you read that link... you'll understand.

-Another post really soon. And really long....


An indirect note

I'd like to indirectly address everyone who took a part  in sending hate to Zayn (from One Direction) the other night. A picture went out of him with a girl, thought to be someone else, besides his fiance, Perrie Edwards.  He cleared it up really fast with a tweet, but now he left tour for two days.
Yep. Zayn went back to the UK because of anxiety he's been having. That picture the other night was probably the last straw for him.

Now some people won't get to see him in concert. He doesn't deserve to constantly be having hate thrown at him for the past four years. Personally, I try my best to be nice to people and yeah, its hard because there's people who aren't very nice to me or people who have made me feel horrible. Even Zayn, who has everything he could possibly want, can't handle all of it. IF YOU'RE GOING TO HATE ON HIM JUST GO AWAY. WHY ARE YOU A 'FAN' IF YOU HONESTLY THINK HE'D CHEAT ON HIS GIRLFRIEND. YOU REALLY DON'T TRUST HIM? Well good job to those who sent him hate. You won.



What I did last weekend (+and more)

♧ Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  

I kept forgetting to post pictures of what I bought last weekend with my friends!

First, I got this adorable Aztec Print wallet for $2!  Yeah, only $2!!!
I actually don't remember where I got it because we went to so many stores it might have been Charlotte Russe... no idea.  Anyway, its a lot bigger than my other wallet! But of course I'll still use that one but this one is a bit nicer for spring and summer.

Next, I got an All Time Low wristband from HotTopic for $7.  It's hard to see the words on the wristband obviously because its round... haha.

Last but definitely not least, my friends bought me a 5SOS shirt from HotTopic for my birthday! Yayyy!!!  Its so wonderful.

Oh! And I finally bought myself an eyelash curler for $1. I kept forgetting I wanted one. I think those are just really nice and make your eyes look more open. And i have this horrible problem where my eyelashes get like, stuck together and this seems to help so far!

One more thing!  Tomorrow I have an appointment for getting a mold thing made for my retainer when my braces come off! The day they come off is getting closer!!! :D



Looking back: Friendship

Today, March 10th, marks 3 years of meeting 3 people. The best little sunshines I could ask for

What a day! I was 2 weeks away from turning 13 years old. I was at a retreat and there were 3 girls. 2 of them sisters and the other, their friend. I didn't quite like any of them.
Until the afternoon on the 10th, my friend showed up and apparently she knew these 3 girls and I started talking with them. They seemed okay.

I kept in touch with them and here we are, much later. We hang out as much as possible and we are all super good friends.

Some of my favorite memories so far were made with them.
I love them so much. They are the 3 people I can count on to be there. I think we've helped eachother through alot.
Though us 4 have definitely had our ups and downs, I think that has helped us grow a lot!
I have lots of friends that I've never gotten in arguments with and the ones I have had argued with are closer to me. Thats a big part of being in a friendship.

I could go on and on about the good times I've had with Ellen, Kristen and Teresa, but I won't. But heres to three years of friendship and many more to come!!!




I have some exciting news!!

On March 31st I am scheduled for the removal of my braces!
To be quite honest I love and take pride in those metal pieces cemented to my teeth for the past 3 years of my life. I've grown to enjoy my smile (a bit more colorful, usually blue or currently teal braces) with them. Also I think I've gained alot of tolerance for pain! And cleaning my teeth is a job!
I probably do more cleaning than I have to... but I actually love having braces. Now its time for them to come off! Its gonna be so weird to see my now, straight teeth without this stuff all over them. I can eat and bite sandwiches with my front teeth without fear of having bread stuck in them. What a relief.

I'll be taking some before and after pictures! It will be pretty interesting!

I guess I'll wait till I get them off to explain all the crazy stuff I have had done with my teeth!

Also, in a few days it is my SUPER GOOD friend and I's 3rd year anniversary of knowing eachother! Expect a really sappy post about our friendship next Tuesday. Haha.

And last but well... I guess not least, my birthday is like, really soon! Trying to come up with an interesting post rather than, "ITS MY BIRTHDAY".
So expect something then too ;).



Things I wish someone would have told me as a pre-teen

Wow, Ummm I have 66 followers. WOW!  Thanks so much everyone.

Today I have a list of things I wish I would have known as a pre-teen. Mostly for reference in the future... the future meaning, now or around this time. Just a list of things I wish someone would have let me know so I didn't have to figure it out myself.

  • Wear clothes that you want to wear. Your style is your own. It doesn't matter if you wear pink one day and all black the next. Style is important to your personality. 
  • Say whats on your mind. If you have an opinion, share it. Don't let anyone bring you down about what you think. Everyone needs to hear an opinion from others.  
  • DO NOT let people push you around. (This is something I struggle with) It may not seem like it at the time, but even if its small, letting someone tell you to do something or say something you don't want to do, just don't. 
  • Its good and healthy to have feelings. (Something else I have a problem with!) Your personality may be straight faced and seem like a brick wall sometimes but don't let that stop you from feeling happy or even sad. Being unemotional is good sometimes but not all the time. Its not fun.
  • People change and you might too.
  • If someone ditches you. Please. Don't let it hurt you so much even if it was someone you really cared about. Sometimes you have to move on.
  • You can be a jerk and be totally hilarious at the same time. Okay but seriously, sometimes people need to hear some feedback, especially if they are personally aggravating the heck out of you. In this case, go for it.  And if I'm bothering you, you can tell me off too. Just make sure I laugh at you while you do it. 
  • Sarcasm is not always appropriate... yes, its hard but sometimes you need to realize which people are hurt by it. 
  • Be obsessed with at least one thing. Doesn't matter what is it. An animal, a band, a color, snowflakes. Pick something and yes, let it consume you. Let something, at least for once, be what you think about all the time. What go after, where you get your inspiration from. 
  • Read books.  Its good for your brain. 
  • People will think you are stupid. Sometimes it seems like everyone loves you and then the next second, theres that one person that seems to hate your guts. Thats fine. Don't let it get to you.
  • Some people are lame. Like, real downers. It might take a long time to realize it, but some people are not worth it.  If they are bringing more negativity into your life than positivity, you don't deserve that. That does not mean they with be like that to everyone, but maybe they just will never click with you. 
  • If you don't want to smile. Don't. Just don't bother. It will make you feel worse. Instead, find something that makes you smile
Well, I might add some more but thats what I wish I would have known in the past!



I actually wrote this post this morning and accidentally deleted it........... here we go again

March. Its already the 3rd month of the year.
The color green
St. Patricks Day
My 16th birthday

I love March because its still wintry out but you get the feeling its spring. Even though I don't like spring and summer so much so I'm not really sure what I'm talking about...
Also, the birthstone is Aquamarine and I think its a really cool stone!
Not sure what is planned for these next few weeks but I do know that I want to actually try to get some good posts out here. Also I'm trying to compile a To Be Read list for summer, if you have any suggestions you think I'd be interested in, you a MORE THAN WELCOME to comment below! I'd love to check out a few book suggestions from you guys!