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An indirect note

I'd like to indirectly address everyone who took a part  in sending hate to Zayn (from One Direction) the other night. A picture went out of him with a girl, thought to be someone else, besides his fiance, Perrie Edwards.  He cleared it up really fast with a tweet, but now he left tour for two days.
Yep. Zayn went back to the UK because of anxiety he's been having. That picture the other night was probably the last straw for him.

Now some people won't get to see him in concert. He doesn't deserve to constantly be having hate thrown at him for the past four years. Personally, I try my best to be nice to people and yeah, its hard because there's people who aren't very nice to me or people who have made me feel horrible. Even Zayn, who has everything he could possibly want, can't handle all of it. IF YOU'RE GOING TO HATE ON HIM JUST GO AWAY. WHY ARE YOU A 'FAN' IF YOU HONESTLY THINK HE'D CHEAT ON HIS GIRLFRIEND. YOU REALLY DON'T TRUST HIM? Well good job to those who sent him hate. You won.


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