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Still sad? Nope - The Fandom Betrayed..?

First, I apologize for all the One Direction posts.  There WILL be normal stuff again this week besides this.  I promise.  I just need to type this all out somewhere :P

You know, theres usually a good way to get over something sad that happened.  But not all those ways lead to anger.... this one did.  As you all know, when Zayn left One Direction I was devastated.  Now, me and pretty much the whole fandom don't even care because Zayn didnt leave to be normal, he's making music on freaking soundcloud with a rapper he was hanging out with in fall. And apparently a solo album was announced. 5 days ago we all accepted his choice.  Now, Louis tried to defend us with this tweet:

There we go, Louis telling him to just get out. The best part is, Louis' family tweeted him literally patting him on the back for his tweet, haha.
 Like why did Zayn choose some stupid rapper (RAPPER, REALLY??!!) over these 4 guys and us?

BETRAYED?!! I'm feelin' it.

But Zayn... wow.  I dont hate him but I'm disappointed in him. He really is letting us down so far.  He better clean this up real fast if this wasn't his true plan. He hasn't tweeted through all of this. The other 4 left are really being so nice to us it is unbelievable. <3  I cant imagine how sad they are, even more than the fans, yet they still get up and put on amazing shows every night. Like why'd he have to leave in the middle of a world tour?!!
Either way, the rest of them are being so good to us and we are being better to them too.  Like, so much respect for the other four.

Niall called us 'The Best fans in the world', Harry called us 'Legends', Louis called us 'Ultimate Fans, and Liam called us 'Heroes'. Zayn didnt say anything. We all loved him so much and nothing personally in return to the fans.


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  1. Oh man oh man, my best friend and I have been talking about this a ton lately. I was really sad to hear that he wasn't really being completely honest for why he was leaving, and kinda said it was because of health problems :( On the flip side, the rest of the band members seem a lot happier, especially to my best friend. She's been to two of their concerts and stuff, and she really keeps on everything that happens.


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