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Buying One Direction ? +more

Day 2 of One Direction without Zayn Malik.

The day started out pretty depressing on Twitter.... until the fandom decided we could RAISE MONEY AND BUY One Direction. If all 23M or how many of us donates $37 we could buy them...?  Extremely questionable.... but someone just donated $300.  Well I hope you don't miss your $300 if we can't buy them.  This is insane.  I'M STAYIN OUT OF THIS ONE.

Also today, Zayn went to a studio.  Which of course we are all mad about since Zayn claimed he wants to have a normal life, well then buddy, why are you walking into a recording studio........

In the middle of the night, the other 4 boys tweeted. Harry and Niall pretty much said they loved us.  Liam said he was happy to be in bed after a long day and then posted an old picture of himself to cheer us up.  Louis said this is just making them try even harder to create good music for us now.  

In any case, I'm still upset over this and will be.  I'm staying out of donating money... thats just insane...
But I am getting my braces off today... but thats not making me any happier.


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