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The day Zayn left

I apologize for my previous post.  Its not every day a member of One Direction quits. No warnings, no goodbye. Just a Facebook status on the bands account.  Millions of girls are heartbroken.  
I get it, he wants a normal life. But I feel like we deserved a proper goodbye.  He's been gone for a few days and unknowingly, the band had their last show together already. The sad fact is most of them cried at that show and know one knew why... now we do.  
 Someone tweeted this and its like the most beautiful thing I've ever read: 
"dont ever stop tweeting him, dont ever stop talking about him, dont ever stop mentioning him in fanfics, never ever forget him"

Zayn Malik is such an inspiration. Out of the 5, he receives so much hate. He has always dealt with it in a great way. He always tweets great quotes, etc.  
I just can't believe he hung up on us like this.  I saw tweet that said 150 girls from Portugal committed suicide because of this.That is SO wrong. But it goes to show how music (and the people that make it) can affect people.  
Liam from One Direction has already said in the past, "We will introduce ourselves as Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis, because we aren't One Direction without Zayn" 

Who will sing his solos for the rest of the tour? When will the rest of the boys recover? How are they even performing right now? How will I even listen to their music and hear Zayn without feeling like I felt today?
Its gonna take some time for this to sink in. I just hope he made the right choice and is happier now.  He wont be forgotten.  
I could write pages and pages about Zayn, but you get the point.   This band means the world to me and right now its kind of confusing. 

For now, I'll just have a horrible pit in my stomach.


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