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Why can I never think of a title. This is getting ridiculous.

Yeah, I can't think of a title.  And I don't really have anything important today to say.  But I was thinking, maybe its just me or my personality type, but someone once told me that "Weird things make me happy."  
Well that much is true.  Not especially weird, but like, small things.  I said small 'cause I didn't want to say 'Little things' because then we'd all start thinking about Little Things  by One Direction.  Or at least I would... :P
But yeah, 'small' things like, Pinterest followers, blog followers... a nice comment.  And the bigber stuff like, going to Germany... I like, never even think about it... maybe its just the 'living in the moment' kind of person I am.  I don't know.  And same with things that make me mad\pet peeves.  Like my room being messy DRIVES ME CRAZY.  If someone makes me mad, like if a friend says something slightly offensive, doesn't bother me that much.  Ya know? 

I just felt like posting randomly, so there ya go! 


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