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Mid summer updates

I have been super inactive on Blogger lately.  Updating and even reading other blogs.  Summer camps have finally ended for me before I move on to the next part of my summer!

Counselling two camps with different age groups was super amazing and fun.  Most of the girls there were fantastic!
Being home is weird!  Lat weekend I was in my camper with my friends and now I'm actually at home again and last night slept in my own bed for the first time since July 4th.
I can't update with pictures right now but I had a great two weeks of camp.  From my last post I was super wiped out and that was true but I really did enjoy it as usual.

I can get back to usual posts before I go on vacation, etc.

Also today, 5SOS released their new single "She's kinda hot".  Even I thought it sounded like the stupidest song yet but nope.  don't judge a song by its title because the lyrics and music are amazing. They say its a great lead up for the album and they are releasing a video soon.  The song honestly has nothing to do with the title after the first verse.  Super catchy too of course.


Updating again soon!


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  1. I loved She's Kinda Hot! I'm seeing 5SOS in September and I'm so excited to see them play it live. :D

    You're going to see One Direction? Lucky! I saw them last year (they were so good!) and was going to try to get tickets again this year but they're not coming anywhere near me. :/ But I'm still glad I got to see them last year. :)

    Thanks for following and commenting on my blog! I was already following you on Bloglovin but I just followed you back on Google friend connect. :)
    xo Sarah

  2. Wow that's great. oh my gosh!!



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