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Gone Home Gone

You might remember that last week was my second summer camp. I counselled 9-12 year olds. From this past Thursday till tomorrow my friends stayed at my house and then Sunday we go back to counsel 12-14 year olds.

Last week was honestly the most mentally and physically exhausting week ever. Sure, it was fun but we literally didn't get to sit down except  for meals. The most sleep in one night I got was 6 hours. It was go, go, go all day. When I got home with my friend I slept right after we got home for almost 13 hours and skipped dinner I was just so exhausted. Just drained honestly.I mean obviously I love doing this but that week was intense!
I'm hoping this next one is better. Last week my legs hurt so bad I couldn't kneel at church without cringing.
Let's put it that way.

But anyways, that's the life update and why I haven't posted.
If you check out my Instagram, theres a lot of pictures from things Ive been doing and highlights and random photography.
I'll post regularly again by next Friday!


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