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July 1st? No way

Can you believe it's July?  I can't!  How is summer - and better yet - this year going so fast?  I thought just yesterday I was wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt watching snow fall.  Wow.  Well, either way, fast or slow, I've had fun.  Getting back from a 4 day camping trip is tiring but was great.  Biking, walking... :)  The reason we went camping was for my cousins wedding which was fun too.  I don't have any good camping pictures...  :(  Oh, well.
4th of July is on Thursday?!  Oh my gosh.  Candy, candy and a little more candy is coming our way.

1 comment:

  1. The first was my dad's birthday...
    Can't wait for the 4th :D


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