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Camp! July 21 - 25 2013

So here are a few pics from my super fun camp!!!!  I met a few new friends, so that's always a nice experience.  Our activities this year were really fun, better than last year...  And plus, I look way better in these pictures than I did in last years pictures :)  

 Bonfire night!
 Group pics at the bonfire
 Another group photo
 That's a full moon!
 Our beautiful group photo from the last day.  I was so sad to leave :(
From left to right:  My best Friend, Gianna, a girl I know named Bethany, and a girl I met named Sara.
Left to right:  a girl I met at camp two years ago, named Meg, I girl I met named Marianna, and a girl I met (again) two years ago named Isabel.  

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