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Bring on the tears of joy, sadness and all nostalgic thoughts from the past five years of 1D!
Their hiatus kind of officially started this week the other night when they did a final performance before their, said-to-be 18 month or so hiatus, on the X Factor UK finals!
It was a super emosh performance for everyone!!! But later on, all the guys tweeted, giving all the adoring fans all their respect, love and gratitude and promising once again that they will be back. 

I'm hoping they have a wonderful and much needed break and time with their families and hoping also we get some reallllllyyy good pics of them on whatever vacations they go and maybe a 4\4 selfie throughout the hiatus... ? (PLEASE GOD)

Christmas is coming up and I'm almost done getting presents for people :)
This Saturday I'm going to see one of very very very favorite bands, All Time Low :):):) Wish me luck as I sit through 2 not-the-best opening acts and that my phone like, doesn't die or something hahaha.

What a super busy month! I have a lot coming up! What about you?


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  1. It's going to be an odd time without them. ;(

    I'm still trying to think of ideas for Christmas gifts for certain people and I'm running out of time! Ahhh!

    Sarah ||


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