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November Faves

Today is the first day of the very busy and very important month of December!  Seems like just a few days ago I was getting ready for the same events, etc. Crazy how fast this year went.  


This what I liked this past month.

Song:  Anything from 1D's new album :) 

Outfit: Probably my black jeans, plum shirt and my super fuzzy and chunky black cardigan with my black boots <3

Wishing I had: Money to buy people presents for Christmas! 

Something new I did: We recently bought avocados and we made guacamole twice now which is something we have not done for a long time so that was new ish for me :) 

Fave thing I did: Saw Sleeping with Sirens <3<3<3 

Fave IG post of mine: The picture I was most proud of last month was either the pictures form our lovely snowfall or my lattes or cinnamon star cookies.  


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  1. I can relate a little too much to the not having enough money for Christmas presents thing... it's pretty bad!

    Sarah ||


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