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Instagram ReCap and 'In the honor of....'

Hey guys! I wanted to share some of my latest instagram photos with you!!!

                        via lizziew99 on instagram

I've enjoyed taking a lot of great pictures this fall!!! These are my five latest I think: )
Sometimes I think I try way too hard with these, hahahaha.


In the honor of the last day of Michael Clifford's (aka like my favorite person ever) life as a teenager, I decided to throw together a short appreciation post because tomorrow he's hitting 20!

Who knew this kid with no friends... Who claims he still has none except his band mates LOL, from outside of Sydney would grow up to be in the one of highest charting bands right now???

I, along with many many other people appreciate him soooo much. He's an incredible guitarist, vocalist, song writer etc. People who work with the 5SOS say he's one of the best they've seen. Not to mention his great taste in clothing which actually just consists of various leather and denim jackets, black jeans and band Ts LOL.

A big thank you to his parents for having such a great kid.

In all of his stage falls, hair burning accidents and even recent mental health issues, he manages to be super happy and incredible person.

This post goes out to the person mentioned in my 11:11 tweets to meet him and all my excessive amount of pictures on my phone.
Happy Birthday and many more to come: )

Oh and he dyed his hair back to red last night. Thank you thank you thank you.



  1. eee! you have instagram?? i gave you a follow <3
    p.s. your pictures are gorgeous xx

  2. Beautiful post!



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