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Skin care | Importance and routine

Skin care is often forgotten or ignored by many. But right now, I'd like to share the importance to me of skin care and what I do!

First of all, my skin type is fairly dry but quite oily, without the nice moisture needed, my face can become pretty flaky under my eyes and my forehead especially, For me, its important to cleanse multiple times and moisturize without adding oil.

Lots of products dry out the skin to reduce acne, which is good but you have to moisturize after!
I can't use most good acne products because sadly, I am allergic... very allergic to some ingredients.
I guess I have gone pretty all natural on my skin care routine and products!  My routine usually goes something like this:

Night time is the focal point of your skin care routine. Your heavier and maybe more stronger and irritating products should be used now. Don't be afraid to pack on the moisture either!
Before I go to bed, I use the most miraculous thing ever... Tea Tree Oil. I had been using Lavender oil which was good and put to me to sleep very quick! But, tea tree oil does the job insanely well. It does not dry out your skin a whole lot and removes acne super quick. I had heard it was amazing forever, and was so pleased to finally be using it. If I have been out that day, I wash my face with water first and after its dry I apply the oil with a cotton ball or on certain spot with my finger. I use 1-2 drops every or every other night at least or when I really need it. Essential oils go a long way!
After that, I use a nice and rich skin cream under my eyes and I do try to avoid putting the oil under my eyes because that skin is the most sensitive and fragile on your face.

When I wake up or decide to get ready in the morning, even if I wait to do my hair, etc, the first thing I do is go in the bathroom after I get out of bed and at least put some water on my face.
One of my absolute favorite thing ever, is Witch Hazel, a clear liquid from a shrub like plant's leaves and bark as far as I know. It's a pore refiner, non oil cleanser, toner and lightly moisturizes. You can literally buy this at Walgreens for a few dollars and put it on a cotton ball. I use this in the morning every day.  It is so wonderful and refreshing.  Then, I apply more skin cream under my eyes but not as much as at night.

By the mid afternoon, my skin is a bit oilier than I prefer and and as soon as possible, I put on more Witch Hazel.

Then repeat!

Also, when showering, I use a goat milk soap bar. The one I'm using has coffee grounds in in which is great for exfoliating but it can become harsh on your face and increase redness etc, but I use if when I shower and moisturize some areas of my face after.

I have a Mint Julep face mask that I've had for at least 4 years and that's nice to use like, once a month or so and you definitely need to moisturize after that, nut its great for extracting dirt and oil.

In short, too much oil is bad and too little moisture too.Also, I drink tons of water, which keeps my whole body hydrated.

How do I take care of my face if I eat something super sugary or salty before bed or if I'm with my friends for example and we have ice cream at 2 am?  That usually results as a problem for my face but with that great Tea Tree oil, almost every facial skin night mare can be taken care of! For me, hiding acne and acne scars with makeup makes it worse!  I'd rather take care of it instead of covering it up with something that will probably make it a little worse.

I try to be careful while exfoliating, which should be done often but carefully! You could potentially hurt your skin by making micro tears with chunks of sugar from scrubs for example.  Use something lighter for exfoliating.

I hope you found this informational or helpful and please, if you have thoughts, suggestions etc, comment!


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  1. Great blog topic! I'm curious, what type of moisturizer do you use. My teen girls need something that will hydrate but not add extra oil. Where do you buy the "Mint Julep" facial mask? It's fun to read my friends kids' blogs! Thanks for sharing Angie! ;)


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