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Its over. Where we Are tour: Memories

I'm proud to announce I cried last night for this reason. Might I mention you're hearing this from the girl who can't remember the last time she had a legitimate reason to cry...
Well, One Direction's 3rd, but not final, tour ended yesterday. The literally went everywhere. I don't know what to do.... no more pictures everyday, no more Niall posting videos on Instagram everyday saying where they are off to next. The one he did today, said, "home" :-)
No more being constantly spammed by tour update accounts. It's over. They did a great job. And no more 5 Seconds of summer being the opening act. They are gone their separate ways. 5SOS performed in Ninja Turtle costumes last night hahaha.
One Direction... they gave little speeches when the concert ended and tweeted their thanks. As well as the 5SOS guys who thanked 1D for everything they've done for their band. Liam from 1D tweeted not to be sad that this tour is over because something even better is coming.He didn't say what though.
But the new album comes out next month:-)
Here are two pictures from last night in Miami where the final concert was... one is the group hug they finish off their tour with. Ugh I wish they were coming to the US next year but, maybe next tour after that.


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  1. Aww, yes my best friend was upset wwa is over as well!



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