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Schoenstatt pilgrimage to Germany October 15-22 2014

Alright people, here is the official summary of my pilgrimage to Germany for the 100th celebration of the international Schoenstatt movement.
I'm gonna start out by saying how amazingly fun it was. But also how beautiful in every way.
If I could choose one of my favorite parts it would be midnight on October 17th... the first moments of the 18th, the jubilee.
All the girls youth, hundreds of us gathered around the original shrine and counted down to midnight. Girls from all around the world screaming out numbers in their own languages. It was mind blowing.
Before that, I got to unite with the girls from across the world making the covenant with me. There was oonly one other girl from the US. But I made friends and got to know a few of them. We sometime around 2 am I made the covenant of love with the Blessed Mother, right in front of the original shrine, in a blocked off area with the other tons of girls making it, with still hundreds behind us in the celebration of the jubilee.
I cried when I got my covenant medal. It was so beautiful to hug and congratulate the other girls even though just a few hours before we were strangers, and yet still didn't know each other's names, but we were there for the same reason.
Just walking around Schoenstatt I met countless people from everywhere.
From the gorgeous landscape of giant hills misted with clouds, little houses resting in the valley, to the atmosphere of the Schoenstatt celebration, it was amazing.
there where constant activities. Never a moment to sit and think. But it as worth it. We stayed th first few days at a youth hostel. And two last nights at a hotel. The flights there and back went well. 
We went to a medieval town with a church there from the 11 hundreds. It was crazy to think about all the history there. 
On the last day, we went to Munich, a bit of a larger town. The town square was MAGNIFICENT. I went to a nice restaurant there too and did some shopping. 
I got my fair share of walking too:-)

I'm going to publish this and gather some pictures and maybe some more information soon! 



  1. Can't wait to see some pictures! What a wonderful experience!!! Katie

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! :)
    -Lauren <3


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