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Updates and (LATE!) July faves!

Hey everyone.

Thank you SO much for 83 follows.  It means so much to me!

So. I think I can take a moment to share my thoughts on 1D's new single 'Drag me Down',

Its so well written, their harmonies are amazing and the overall song is kind of a 'feel good' song.  They all LOVE the song and were so excited to release it!  Now I get to hear this song live too, and I AM SO EXCITED because the YouTube video of their first performance of it is amazing.  I'm in love with this song, really.

Tomorrow. the video for 5SOS 'She's kinda Hot' is released! I posted my thoughts on that song before and I loveeee that song to pieces.

Tuesday I leave for vacation until the 13th and I hope I can update during that time.  I WILL try to be posting on Instagram throughout my trip, so please follow me if you're interested!  My username is lizziew99.

Okay, time for my favorites!

  • Song - She's kinda Hot or Drag me down... OF COURSE
  • Movie - Once again, I did not see any new movies. :P
  • Outfit - My black skater skirt with my navy blue ringer tee. 
  • Nail polish color - Grey
  • EOS - Tangerine
  • Fruit - Blueberries
  • *NEW QUESTION - Drink - Green tea, which I've been trying to drink every day!  

I hope you all enjoy this month as summer starts to come to a close... so soon. 

Summer flew past but I really accomplished so much and I had  a lot of great, fun and fulfilling experiences.  
I can't wait to share a whole rundown of pictures and favorite parts of my summer at the end of this month!!  
Until soon, 


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