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Hello from Pennsylvania

Hello from Pennsylvania! I'm currently just waking up in my camper praying the WiFi at the private campground works. Its a joke its not working. haha.

Anyways, the morning of the 4th we left and just getting into Milwaukee we had to turn back and get the dog because my aunt and uncle were.having some difficulties.
That day we made it through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and slept there. Yesterday the rest of Ohio and mostly drove all day through Pennsylvania which is gorgeous.
They have some nice looking trees...
We stopped at the Flight 93 9/11 memorial yesterday and today will visit the shrine and remains of St Elizabeth Ann Seton in Emmitsburg and also go to Gettysburg.
I'm hoping to update again as soon as possible. Pictures won't be until I get home unfortunately but my Instagram.. well I'm using it when I can.

Have a nice day!


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