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Vacation 2015 briefly

Hey everyone.

Its been a while. So just two days ago I arrived home from my insane vacation to D.C., Pennsylvania and more.  My whole family and my dog went for 10 days and wow was that a party.  And not always a fun one.
But here I will briefly share a few of my favorite moments and things I saw!!

We visited a 9\11 memorial, Gettysburg and Valley Forge which was very cool. We also went to Philadelphia which was AMAZING. If you saw my instagram posts from it you'll see I enjoyed it.
It was a mix of extreme history and new stuff too.  It was beautiful there.
D.C. was coolcoolcooooool.  Probably my fave stop. It was a busy city but a really nice medium. Like Philadelphia, most buildings had beautiful architecture. We went to museums and memorials and all the regular tourist stops. I really super enjoyed it there.

Here are my favorite pictures!


Valley Forge


Philadelphia again 

Philly Cheese steak


D.C.  again

View of Washington monument from Lincoln memorial 

Somewhere in Pennsylvania 

States visited or driven through: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia


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  1. I'm glad you had a good time, Lizzie! Looks like fun!


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