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Today is:   #InternetBestFriendDay    
I know alot of people who think idea idea of having a friend online is stupid.  But I also know a few people who don't think so. Even my mom has internet friends!
 Sure some people online are jerks or strange; but like me, if you follow the right people on Pinterest or Twitter, there are a lot of great people out there.
I met my internet bestie back in September and I am SO GLAD she messaged me.
My internet best friend and I had the same interests, issues and we just got along super well! We've helped each other through alot and have had a lot of great laughs.
I haven't met her yet but I know for sure that will be the best day ever!
So thanks to her and social media for one of the best friends ever<3



  1. You never know who you can meet on the internet :)

  2. I don't think internet friends are stupid. I gained a lot of internet friends from being a part of the Vent community (it's a mobile app), because it was small when I started out!

  3. Online friends are the best! :)

    Sarah ||


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