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Another exciting week in the fandom

Starting out a normal week, over the days we accumulated more excitement than anything.

One Direction (a few days ago)  had their last show of the first leg of their tour, and now a two month break.  (Thank God)
So, during the break so far, Niall went to Georgia for a golf game and it was pretty wonderful from the pictures.  He was even interviewed and was quite embarrassed\happy at the fact he was caddying for a major golfer.   ... And he was nervous and slipped on pine needles... that was interesting.

Yesterday, Louis got out of his car in his hometown (Doncaster) and met some fans on the side of the road... with no shoes on.  Nevertheless, we got some nice pictures from that.

Switching over to 5SOS, Michael Clifford dyed his hair... again.
Really liking this color, to be honest

Last but not least.  (this is not official yet) but, Modest Management (1D's management)  who the whole fandom hates for 'controlling 1D's actions etc' seems to have (temporarily??) taken One Direction off their site.  They could be updating the page to have it without Zayn or maybe they let 1D go.  Whatever happened, Twitter is having a major party right now.  We're so happy if they actually dropped 1D.


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