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When you can't think of a post title.

For my birthday last month,  I picked out some things online to get from my parents.  Two of these things were poster collections. So finally yesterday, I got my two poster books each filled with wonderful, 28 double sided photos of my favorite people...

I didn't finish putting all of them up yet,  and quite  a few of these I already owned before yesterday.  As I'm losing space on my portion of my room, I started hanging them on the ceiling which looks pretty cool to be honest.   It was too dark in my room to take a picture with the light off, so there's a glare on two of the posters but otherwise thats it ^^
I also finally got my own copy of 'This is Us', One Direction's movie from 2013.
So theres my added pieces to my collection of 1D and 5SOS products!

Exciting news!  One Direction started writing their fifth album!!!  Believe it or not, I'm kind of excited to hear them without Zayn.  It'll be super interesting but their albums keep getting better and better so I cannot wait for this.
5SOS is still in the studio recording their second album.  They seem really excited to release it!  They've said the lyrics are really great so I'm sure they're doing their best.  And they've worked with a lot of other great bands too, so their sound is bound to be amazing!  Hopefully that comes out in late summer or something :)


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