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Another 5 years

I'm so sorry, I know there was one of these the other day but I couldn't help but post about this one...


5 years ago today there was a 16 year old boy named Niall Horan. Came from a sweet family in a small town and lived in a tiny house in Ireland. But this boy was special, as much as he liked sports, he liked to sing. He learned guitar at a young age and loved being in the spotlight. He had a great sense of humor and seemed perfect for such a role. 
A while later he found himself in a band. All because of the one day he got up on that stage in front of judges and sang. He gave us his voice and we gave him our hearts from day 1. 
He hasn't changed much, this kid. He's 21 and loves to sing. He plays guitar and has the best of times with his band now. There are many times I can prove why he is such an amazing person in general. 
And if I had to pick one person in the world to meet, it'd be him. Sometimes he is the only reason I (and lots of other people) smile. I think thats because of HIS smile. And if anyone ever doubts that my proof is that I'm here and I'm happy. 
Congratulations Niall. You made it. You took on the world with one short song and you didn't let us down. Not even once. I can't wait to see whats ahead!

Niall on the X factor 2010

 Niall wearing a Wisconsin shirt

 Rehearsing a few months ago

 Their movie premiere right after he got his braces off :')  What a time to be alive...

Before the braces when he was 17 but looked 12

Thanks for bearing with me.  I'm gonna be interviewing someone this week with fun questions for a post so look out for that! 



  1. He does have a lovely smile :) Looking forward to your blog interview! xxx.

  2. Oh Niall... *sniffles* he just makes me smile. :)

    I cannot believe he's 21! Time flies by... I remember thinking he was the youngest in the band.

    xx Mackenzie


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