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Oh no.  Not writer's block.  That moment you open a document, blogger, a notebook, etc.  What am I doing?  What am I supposed to write?  No motivation.  Should I completely stop writing this? All these questions come in and you're really just stuck. Theres no easy way through this block!  But I'm going to share some tips to get through it!

I had writer's block as I have many times, for the past like, two weeks.  I open my fanfiction.  Nothing.  I open Blogger.  Nothing.  And when I tried to write posts, it was terrible.  Even my last post was just hideous.  I'm keeping it up anyways.
For writing my fanfic, it got better when I randomly found this song on Spotify that was so catchy I added it to my summer playlist. Its called Dreaming by Smallpools.
Anyways, heres some tips!

  • Pinterest and Tumblr work wonders.  I prefer Tumblr but it takes forever to load. Just scroll through or look at nature pictures or something, anything. 
  • Eating.  I can't write when I'm hungry, let alone think!
  • Give yourself time! I've left so many stories unfinished because of writer's block and I really regret it. 
  • Don't give up just yet.  We all experience these long or short periods without inspiration of writing. 
  • Sometimes the words just don't flow through your brain to your hands to type... do they? Just take a break and get inspired! 
  • We can feel rushed to get through something that ends up sounding stupid. Even if you don't like it, maybe someone else will, but after writer's block has passed, check up on your work and see how even everything looks.  
What are some ways you get through the dreaded writer's block?


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