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Comments Questionnaire #1... Music

I wanted to do this post for a while and I actually don't like how it turned out. I was encountering some writer's block while attempting this post. It sounds like an essay or something. But here it is!

Music soothes, refreshes and typically changes our mood with lyrics, tempo, etc.

Today I'm going to be sharing my favorite music and when I listen!

Please excuse my lame edit.

Anytime I can usually listen you One Direction. One thing we people in the fandom say is "We don't listen to them when we want to, but when we need to," They have so many songs to choose from which makes them good for any mood.

Same with 5SOS, to me they have the same qualities I look for yet their music is labeled pop punk rather than One Direction and most artists of today, pop or pop rock mixed with acoustic or dance pop too.

I listen to Jacob Whitesides and Shawn Mendes. They sounds alot like teenage versions of Ed Sheeran. So typically an acoustic sound with pop like lyrics occasionally mixed with the Ed Sheeran style of mixing hip hop to acoustic, sad music. Lets face it, Ed Sheeran makes sad music.

Ariana Grande is put in the same group as Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. Yes... I listen to Pop Girl bands too. Ariana is a solo artist. Their music is kind of hip hop, pop and Ariana more on the electronic sounding side. Also R&B roots. Fifth Harmony and Little Mix take on the typical girl band look.

Pretty much anytime I can find myself listening to Fall out Boy, All Time Low, Paramore, My Chemical Romance and the like! The endless sub genres of pop punk, and even emo pop are enjoyable for me. They have steady rock roots, some more upbeat, some less. Also Pierce the veil (who are coming to Milwaukee next month and its a long shot but I really want to go see them!!! Maybeeee) and their almost twin sounding band Sleeping with Sirens.
many more bands fit in this category.

Halsey. What category is she in? Indie electronic music. She is SO talented I LOVE her so much.

Vampire Weekend makes preppy indie music. I listen to them in the afternoon and find it very good music to hear while writing.

Bea Miller who is Jacob Whitesides current girlfriend is a pop recording atrist who was on the X Factor a few years ago. Looove her and her music, shes just a month older than me!

Let's not forget Lana Del Rey. Her songs are sad too, honestly. Her voice is magical though, wow

I listen to the occasional Selena Gomez song or something on the radio but thats the music I've found myself most likely to listen to!

Share your favorite music and when you listen to it in the comments! My next post is going to be about writer's block!



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