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Summer Mission Camp with pictures

Like I had introduced in my last post, I went to my summer mission camp from last Sunday to yesterday (Thursday). It was different from our usual camp setup, as this year we were teaching Hispanic children from the area.  In the morning we would have a talk and breakfast and maybe an activity and then in the afternoon we'd set up our activities and games for the kids.  
The children that came were from ages 5-12 and from a local church. The church currently doesn't really have any religious education for the kids, so in winter and spring we hosted day camps for them as well. Now we offered our week of camp to host a camp for them.  We split into rotating groups each day so each team of us could experience the different age groups and activities for them. It was so great.  Everyone loved it and the parents were very grateful.  Also even educational for me when the children spoke Spanish and it was great to learn a bit more and practice with them. I really, really liked this week. 

These two pictures above are from a room in the new addition to the Schoenstatt center in Waukesha. Its  a new room for the Girls Youth that the Wisconsin leaders titled 'The little kingdom', where in May we crowned the picture of the Blessed Mother together as the Wisconsin leaders circle. 
We have new couches, curtains, etc. and it worked really well for hosting our first camp so far in the new room. 

Each afternoon we took the kids outside for their snack. There was around 50 kids total! 

This photo above is of me (I'm 4th from the left side) and the work team I led this week for helping with chores after meals and group discussions through the week,  Two of my friends (both girls next to me) were in my group and three new girls I made friends with :) 

Just a photo of two of the leaders teaching the children about the Schoenstatt shrine. 

Three pictures above are from our bonfire on Tuesday night.  Each night after the children left and after dinner, we all did something fun.  I actually strongly dislike the bonfires at camp but thankfully the weather was nice and there was no mosquitos.  

Wednesday night the whole camp of 35-ish girls went out for ice cream! The photo under my ice cream is (from left to right) My best friend, Ellen, me, my super good friend Clare and our Youth sister in Waukesha. 

This picture is of Clare and I in our matching shirts we bought in Germany!

Me and my team again!^

In the midst of 50 children, my really good friend, Abby, Ellen and I.

We decorated the garage for the children's crafts! 

If you follow my Instagram, you may have seen this top picture. The bottom one is with two college age girls who are involved with Schoenstatt and are travelling around the country to host summer camps, a super special opportunity! 
Apart from endless selfies, these are the photos I took :) I had a really great week, reuniting with friends and making new ones! Also such a wonderful experience teaching and playing with the kids that came!




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