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Happiness is...

{Please excuse my obsession with bands...I don't care what you think}

I think everyone receives happiness in a different way.
Maybe you can only find happiness in money or maybe every cup of coffee you drink is enough to fill you with enough joy to make it through the day.
What is happiness for you?
For me, one of the biggest things is bands. Music is way to escape anything at all. Maybe some things you'd rather not talk about or maybe something small. I use it to entertain myself and it honestly makes me happy.But something just as important are the people in the band. How passionate they are about what they do. And you can tell when people are and are not for sure.
 One of my favorite bands, as you probably know, is 5 seconds of summer. A pop/punk band {as they call themselves}, made of 4 guys aging from just turned 18 to 20 years old. Australian and started out by making covers on YouTube. Their drummer joined in 2011, the youngest inn the band was just 15, and they started doing a few gigs at local places in Sydney. They were recognized by Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and the Australians popularity grew fast.
In 2012 they joined 1D for their Take me Home tour and also this year for their Where we are tour. This year 5 seconds of summer is on their own tour and released their first studio album and have an upcoming Live Album.
Personally, i think it is super impressing. From YouTube to traveling the world? Not only crazy, but motivating.
What I'm getting at is, is that today is their 3rd anniversary of being a band. They must be so proud. I know I am.





  1. They're awesome, aren't they?

  2. Nice post!
    Can you check out my contest? It would mean a lot to me. ^.^ Thanks! X
    - June


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