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Hey everyone!
FINALLY, here are my favorite pictures from my lovely trip to Germany!  I will give a bit of detail to each picture, so that you are not confused!  Enjoy xx

Our first view of the original shrine... very exciting!

Our USA group, walking towards the shrine

Father Kentenich's tomb.  What a powerful experience to be in the presence of the founder of the Schoenstatt movement. 

This is the arena outdoors, where all the big celebrations and presentations took place.  It held us all... about 12,000 or more pilgrims here!

Torch runners from Italy.  They brought a torch, lit by Pope Francis, all the way to Germany in 9 days.  To welcome to Blessed mother, very symbolically.  
Sideways picture XP Of the whole arena, everyone had lit candles.

This picture, I took at Midnight.  The first few moments of the next century of Schoenstatt!!

A view of the surrounding city.

The Rhine river! 

A very special shrine:)

Town square of a medieval village!

The buildings all looked like this! 

A church from the 1100's/

The altar of the church. It felt so neat to be somewhere so old.

More of the church.

Town square of Munich.  One of my favorite places for sure!


Here it is again :)

A very decorative ceiling of a church in Munich.

The altar of that church.

(credit to these selfies goes to my friend Clare who is with me in all of them!)
Coke at a rest stop!

Outside the original shrine!

By a cute wayside shrine!

Our matching faux leather bows!

 Ice cream in Munich! 

 Outside the town square in Munich

With a giant bear in the medieval town :)

In the medieval town!

I hope you enjoyed my specially selected pictures!  Thanks for being patient :)



  1. I love these photos! It looks like you had as blast! I would love to visit Germany sometime. There seems to be so much culture there.

  2. Germany looks like so much fun! :) Thank you for posting!

  3. Beautiful photos! I really want to go to Germany now, or just anywhere out of the State I live it:)

  4. So beautiful! I would do anything to go there! By the way, your hair has fabulous volume!!! Why don't you share some ;)

  5. Wow! Great photos, looks like you had a great time ♥

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy


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